Sunday, August 15, 2010

A week ago today...

Sunday is here which means it is my last day of relaxation before I head back to work, which sucks!!!! I know I said on my last post that I would find time to post during my holidays and I never did, I'm sorry. I was so busy doing things, that I never even thought about blogging!

I decided I still wanted to fill you in on what happened on my holidays so everyday I will post a new entry about what I did a week ago that day.

Here is the first one:

Friday afternoon

Friday, right after lunch, we packed up the beetle convertible to hit the road. Our destination, North Bay, Ontario.

It was about a 3 1/2 hour drive but we had the roof down and the tunes up the whole time. It was a lot of fun! Thank you to Nicole (Hi Nicole!) for her game suggestion. I was the winner!!

When we got into our hotel room we decided to order in pizza and wings for supper. With full bellies and a comfortable bed we were asleep by 9.

Saturday/Wedding Day

We got up pretty early on Saturday morning because we were so rested. We got ready and headed down the the lobby for the continental breakfast.

A stop that we knew we really wanted to make was a visit to the Dionne Quintuplets museum. Since we had a few hours to kill it was our first stop of the day.

I love history and I love Canadian history. I remember watching the movie "Million Dollar Babies" as a young girl and being fascinated in the lives of these 5 little girls.

The museum was actually their house where they were born. It had lots of pictures and some outfits from when they were in the nursery that the Ontario government set up as an observation area.

After we finished at the Quint museum we decided to check out the mall. When we first walked in the door there was a sunglass kiosk that had all their glasses on sale, 2 for $20.00. Ryan and I decided to each pick up a pair of new sunglasses for our vacation.

After a fast trip through the mall we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding!

The wedding was in a Catholic church about 30 minutes from North Bay. It was a warm, sunny day. Perfect for a wedding.

Here are some pictures of the wedding....

In between the wedding and the reception Ryan and I decided to head over to a local pub for a couple of drinks and some snacks. I order and Ceasar and Ryan got a beer. As the waitress was bring the tray over to the table she dropped the whole thing, creating a pool of beer in my dress. Being that it was my only dress Ryan, being the sweetheart he is, went a bought me some perfume so I didn't smell like beer all night. It is actually my very first time owning perfume.

Guess who caught the bouquet?!?! ha ha

It was a fun night but I was ready for bed after a long, active day!


After packing and having breakfast we left North Bay bound for the Algonquin park. It was a colder, overcast day so we kept the roof up in case it started to rain. I had never been to the Algonquin park and was amazed by it's splendor. It made me realize some of the most beautiful things in the world are just outside our back door.

It started to rain so we only got to do one small hike up to a lookout, over looking Smoke Basin.

We also checked out the Logging museum which is about the history of the early loggers of the area.

Just outside of the park we stopped at The Mad Musher for lunch. We were seated by a window overlooking a creek.

I love trying new places to eat and this was not a disappointment. The food was delicious!
We also stopped into a moccasin store that had over 1000 different kinds of handmade moccasins. They were beautifully crafted.

Once we finally made it home we were pretty spent. We unloaded the car, did some laundry, rented a movie which we both only got to see half of because we fell asleep.

Looking back now I am so glad that we started off our holidays by going away. It made the week seem so much longer and accomplished!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



  1. That was just the weekend, what did you do the rest of the didn't blog, so you must have DONE SOMETHING?

  2. Well Im going to blog everyday about what I was doing a week ago that day. If I did it all in one post it would be WAY too long! ha ha! xo

  3. ooo fun!! Looks like you guys had a great time - can't wait to see more :)

  4. Oh boy it looks like you had fun! That's awesome you caught the bouquet! :) You 2 are so cute together! Love the sunglasses picture!

  5. Oh the Mad Musher...gotta love that place! Casey and I spent our 2nd New years there (2009) there...he had a gig and the food is pretty tasty! The trip looked amazing!