Monday, September 27, 2010

Dare #49

Another weekend gone by way too fast! It was a great one though! Before I get to that here is your dare this week:

Dare #49:

In Lou of an upcoming Euchre tournament at friends, Sharon and Wayne's; some point this week get together with another couple or a group of friends and play a game of cards. It can be any game, Euchre, Poker, Go Fish, whatever. Just sit down, have a few drinks, laughs and friendly competition.

Friday evening I spend the night at Jill's for a book club meeting! We were discussing The Time Travelers Wife. We had yummy snacks, a great discussion and fun time catching up! Perfect way to spend a Friday evening!

Saturday morning I was off to Norway Bay with my mom and Jilly. We were going to a jewelry party hosted at a friend, Lisa at her house. I found some cute pieces for some upcoming birthday/Christmas gifts.

After the party we stopped by to see baby Charlotte. Ryan and I had a gift for the new mommy and daddy so it was a great excuse to stop in for another peek of the adorable baby girl!

Saturday afternoon Ryan worked on the living room destruction (ahhh more renovations!!) and I put out all of my fall/Halloween decorations, fun! We then got gussied up (yes, I was born in the 30's, ha ha) and headed to a wedding reception for friends, Courtney and Alex. We had a great time visiting there and having a couple of drinks.

Sunday Ryan had to work so I spent my morning baking things for his lunch. I made a few dozen chocolate chip cookies and banana bread. After Ry got home we get ready to head to the city to celebrate Ryan's birthday. Yes, his birthday is in March but his gift was tickets to see this guy.....

The Rodney Carrington concert was suppose to be in April but got postponed till September. We had a DELICIOUS supper at The Keg Steakhouse and then proceeded to laugh until our cheeks hurt during the concert! So fun!

How was your weekend? What did you do?

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!



  1. Weekend was okay...went shopping, made Maddy a tutu, went and had a visit with Charlotte...went to my neice's 6th birthday a fun-filled weekend I think...and now back to the work week but I am off Friday so that is something to look forward to!

  2. RC has been in concert around here before. Mark really wants to go but we haven't been able to, yet! And I use the word "Gussied" all the time. It's all good!!!