Wednesday, September 15, 2010


When you see something like this in the distance, your heart sinks to your stomach. You rush to see what you can do to help. You feel sorrow for your hard working neighbor who put so much into his business.

Living in a small town isn't always easy. When running a business away from the city you have to work even harder to be competitive. L&J towing has been a local, successful company for years. Plus really great neighbors to us here at the farm. When we noticed yesterday that their new shop was in flames our hearts went out to them.

Quickly, we sent some of our guys to go aid in getting vehicles moved, water truck loaded, etc. All of the available bodies on the farm spent their lunch time directing, and filling the fire trucks with water from our pond.

As devastating as the fire was I was very encouraged at the sight of our volunteer fire fighters combating the flames. Other neighbors trying to console the family. It is truly the sight of a great community coming together to help those in need.

If that's not a reason to love my small town, I don't know what is!



  1. Part of me loves seeing fires...I'm sure you know that I am Quyon's finest Fire Chaser, but when you are in the city working and a major fire breaks out, I do not get to see this. My heart goes out to Lorne and everyone at L&J Towing and I am sure that he is very grateful that you guys went over to help! Way to go!

  2. oh that sucks for them! I'm so glad you guys were able to help but you have to feel sorry for the business that went up in flames!!!

  3. ha ha Stacy, you and your fire chasing! I still remember the night that maddy heard the sirens first and was at the door waiting for you to put her in the mother like daughter, too cute!!

    Nicole, it does suck but the good thing is that living in a small community everyone wants to help to put neighbors who are having a hard time back on their feet!