Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some Very Exciting News....

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I am so happy to see the middle of the week! It has been one of those weeks where everyday you wish you were in bed! It's been busy, my house is under construction again so, I just feel a little fried!

O.k....So onto some really exciting news...Remember this girl.....

My niece Faith!


She is going to be a big sister!!
I am excited to announce that my brother Jared, and sister-in-law Holly are expecting their second baby!

Not only that but Holly's due date is on Faith's 2nd birthday, March 12th!

I am super excited to have another little niece or nephew!

So, since my brain has been fried if you don't mind I will not be doing a lengthy written post and instead smother you with pictures of my sweet niece Faith! Enjoy!

Have a great Wednesday, COME ON FRIDAY!


  1. It would be neat if the new member arrived right on March 12th, but what are the odds of that happening - they would be like twins but 2 years apart...haha - hey, it can happen - Jill's (hi Jill)dad and uncle are the same day but not the same age!
    Congrats Auntie!

  2. Sweet pictures! And yey, you get to be an auntie again :) Woohoooo!

  3. Yay!! Congratulations - You must be so excited! I can't wait till I get another niece or nephew either *cough cough* As for the same-day birthday thing Lisa and Terry Provost are on the same day too but not the same age

  4. Pretty exciting stuff! Can't wait til the new addition is old enough to toddle around to my desk and join Faith on my knee for some colouring with hi-lighters! haha! Congrats to all!! :)

    And yes - my dad is exactly 2 years younger than my uncle Garry, and they are often mistaken for twins. Dad said when he was a kid, Uncle Garry used to make him do things for him, and when Dad argued, Garry would say to him, "You HAVE to! You're my birthday present!" haha!

  5. Way to cute for words!!!!!! Congrats to your brother and sister in law!!

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