Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Waste Not- Want Not

There is nothing that bothers me more then wasting food! I meal plan, grocery list, etc.. so that I don't have an excess of food that I have to throw away! It drives me WILD if something goes bad and we have to toss it. I know, get over it right? Well it's so hard, it feels like I'm throwing away items, a pair of shoes, T.V fund money, new movie. Because isn't that exactly what I'm doing? Throwing away money that could have gone somewhere else!

Well you wouldn't believe the ANGER I faced when a couple of weeks ago I bought a basket of fresh peaches and two days later they were already going bad!! BAH! What a waste of money or so I thought.

Fueled with anger that night I went to peeling, chopping and bagging all of these peaches. I then threw them in the freezer not too sure how it would turn out.

My HACK job at the peaches. Wasn't trying really hard (as you can see) since I was convinced it wasn't going to work.

Well it turned out great! I threw a handful in my oatmeal the other morning and once the peaches unthawed it was delicious!! Who knew?

Well, probably alot of people, but not me so I am very happy now that I can just freeze some "going bad" fruit for future use!

On an even happier note (is that possible when finding a way to save some money?) all week I have been looking at these BEAUTIFUL flowers on my kitchen table.

Not only are they my favorite flowers (hint hint Ryan, they are called Gerber Daisies) but they are also from one of my ALL TIME favorite people, Bekk! (Hi Bekk!)

Last week Rebekka and her hunny, Josh came over for supper and a visit. They live accorss the river and with busy schedules it is so hard to see each other.

Bekk and I met in the summer before University and quickly became friends. We spent the first year inseparable and decided the following year we were going to get a place together. We had an amazing time being crazy collage students and still laugh at all our great memories. Even ones that are a little unclear, stupid Strawberry wine.

I always get nervous before we see each other thinking "what if we have nothing to talk about". Every time I am completely wrong because we never seem to run out of things to say! I guess that just shows a true friendship.

LUMU Bekk!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!



  1. hahaha i laugh that you didn't know that you could freeze fruit...LOL

  2. ha ha Ya, well I have frozen strawberries and blueberries before but I wasn't too sure if I could freeze peaches! Oh well at least I know now! ha ha! xo

  3. Great friendships are the best!

    Oh and I bought an Amish cookbook the other day... wow now those people know how to save!

  4. Aww great friends are the sweetest!!

    I love freezing fruit. I do this all the time bananas if they get to ripe and then I use them for banana bread!!!