Friday, September 10, 2010

What's Your sign?

I don't know about you but I have never been offered that (title) cheesy pick-up line. Thank goodness! I think I would just laugh in who's ever face said it. ha ha. It is however the first thing I thought of when I was about to start writing this post....I know I'm weird.

Anyhoo, it feels like EVERYONE around me is either pregnant, engaged, married or has kids! Seriously. I feel like the kid on the school play ground being picked last. I know, I know, my time will come.

This summer in particular (and year in general) has been crazy for pregnant friends. As we joke here at the office, it must be something in the water!

As you can tell from some of my past posts I have caught the craft bug. I see something in the store and think, I can make that! Or I see something that someone is about to throw away and think, I can make something out of this. It really is an illness.

Being that I have caught "craftalitis" I knew with the upcoming baby showers that I better get my butt into gear and start making some baby gifts!

I made these baby blankets for Hollie's twin girls and this diaper bag/changing pad for Sara's soon-to-be-born baby. And then I made these; Homemade signs!

First, I went to a hardware store and picked up some long boards of pine wood, untreated.

Being that I am UBER clumsy and wanted to keep all of my fingers, I then asked for help from my handsome assistant Ryan to cut the boards to be about 8x24. (Thanks again!!)

I then rounded and smoothed the edges of the boards with sandpaper.

After everything was nice and smooth, I applied 2 coats of white sealer paint (like BIN or 1-2-3).

Once that was dry I painted the signs in whatever color I had decided for what couple. I did three signs in total; 1 blue, 1 pink and 1 beige/brown.

**If you go to a local hardware store and pick out what colors you want and just ask for small sample containers they are great!! Small and available in any color you want.

After the paint was dry I had to decide on a cute saying for the board. I decided on;

"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living my baby you'll be." By Robert Muncsh for the blue and pink signs and....

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your hear". By Winnie the Pooh for the brown sign for my friend Sara (Hi Sara!).

Once I decided on a saying I printed out all the letters in a large font on my computer and cut all the letters out. (My fingers were soooo sore after this)

I layed out all the letters on the boards and traced around them in pencil.

Taking a small paint brush I carefully painted all the letters using my traces as a guide.

Again, asking help from my handsome assistant, we sprayed each sign with two coats of clear gloss finish. (Available at a hardware store)

Once both coats were completely dry (about 48 hours) Ryan measured the signs and screwed in hanging hooks.

Again, measuring to find the middle he also hammered in a alligator hanging clasp. We wanted to give the couples both options for hanging.

I then took some "country-ish" looking rope and attached it to the hooks.

Voila! A little gift for a growing family, made with love!!

Have a FABULOUS weekend everyone!!



  1. saw the winnie the pooh one but did not see the Robert munch one...nice job! where were you when I was pregnant and decorating my nursery in Winnie the Pooh - oh yea, you were in Guelph - we should make a post though about that LOVELY hat that you knitted or crocheted for me...NOW if anyone saw that, they may second guess that you are actually doing this stuff now...haha! It will always make me laugh! The poor hat...actually the poor baby that had to wear that!
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Umm...hello...little ol' me across the office here. All alone, not pregnant, no kids to speak of...and no damn boyfriend. You're not at the bottom of the barrell...I Am!

  3. Hey Lindsay,

    You know I have plastic stencils that are made specifically for painting such items. I think I have a small set in the same font in fact. No need for cramping your hands up and giving yourself carpel tunnel.


  4. Stacy- I promise for your next pregnancy I promise to make you something better then the first one for maddy...ha ha ha ha ha ha too funny!

    Jill- I feel your pain! Let's go get drunk!

    Sharon- I wish I had known this before....ha ha I went and bought a new tool the other day too (Silhouette) just to help with the cramping! Too me three signs to realize that cutting all the letters out was stupid!! :-)


  5. Wow!! You are so creative! I wish I could do things like that.

  6. I like it!!!! And yes your time will come but it sucks hearing people say that!!!

  7. Awesome job Linds! You should start selling them!