Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Flower Girl

Happy Wednesday everyone! I love long weekends, I really do but it seems work gets extra busy after a 3 day break. But don't you fear because Wedding Wednesday is here!

Today I'd like to introduce you one of my flower girls.

Here's Madyson (Aka: Maddy):

I've known her...well all of her life. You see, Stacy (her Momma) and I are first cousins. Her mom and my mom are sisters! I've grown up with Stacy all my life. In fact, Stacy use to babysit me! I have tons of memories as a kid with Stacy. Noodles and chicken stock, getting run over by the Gator (thanks Stacy! ha ha) and Stacy doing my make up for the FIRST time for a Quyon dance.

Over the years Stacy and I become more then just cousins, we became friends as well. When I found out she was pregnant I was so excited for her and Ricky. And Maddy was a cutie when she was born and good!! I swear I have never heard a baby cry so little.

Through the years I have seen Maddy grow. I am so lucky to live literally 5 minutes away from her and attend the same church! A week rarely going by that I don't see her at least once.

Maddy is a little spit fire and has TONS of personality! Not to mention she is adorable and says the funniest things sometimes! This is not your typical 4 year old! This little one has been the only little one in our group of girls for the first little while of her life! She's sat (or played) through lots of girl talk I tell ya!


Ryan and I are both so excited to have you in our wedding. We know you are going to add a TON of cuteness to the big day.

You are a very special girl to us and we feel so blessed to have been able to watch you grow into the wonderful child you have become.

And thank you Stacy and Ricky for being such great friends to Ryan and I.

We love you.

Lindsay and Ryan



  1. Aww thanks the second last picture with Maddy and her curls, that must have been Flowergirl #1 for Sara and graham's wedding??
    You forgot to mention to LOVELY hat you knitted Maddy...haha I still have it in her memory box!

  2. Great post about Maddy! That picture of all of us in the cemetary brought back memories...haha!! Maddy's BLOW OUT!! ;) Ahh, good times!!