Monday, July 4, 2011

Canada Day Weekend!

Happy Monday morning everyone! Happy 4th of July to all my friends south of the border! And Happy (belated) Birthday Canada!

Every year I look forward to Canada day! It's the first long weekend of the summer and I'm sure everyone soaks up as much of the fun as they can! We were no exception!

The Canada day festivities are a day early in my hometown so on Thursday after work Ryan and I brought out our red and white and headed to Quyon for supper.

I'm telling you, my town does it right!! As far as celebrations and pride for Canada we are top notch! In fact, we have a hard working "Canada Day Committee" who work throughout the whole year in order to give us all a great celebration! This year was no exception.

After a couple of hot dogs we walked down to main street to get ready for the parade. We got to stand with all of our friends too which was a blast!

The parade was awesome! So many people from the community and around decked out their vehicles and themselves.

Stacy and Maddy!

Evan driving the fire truck!

We headed back to the hall to raise the flag at the river and sing our hearts out to our national anthem!

It was back inside for a couple of drinks while we waited for dark to see the fireworks! Which, by the way, were the best yet!

The party went on through the whole night (and next morning too) but Ryan and I headed home shortly after the fireworks!

Friday morning Ryan had a haircut and bribed me to go with him with breakfast at the local golf course! It was well worth it and we even got to sit with friends Shawn and Vee who happened to be there as well.

Once we got home we cleaned up and got food ready because my family was coming over for a Canada Day fish fry! The day was boiling hot so we all swam while the food was cooking. Look at this little swimming diva!

Even little Clark headed into the water!

It was an amazing fish fry meal! It was made with my Dad's fish he caught when he was on a fishing trip this past June! Yum!

After supper and a visit, Ryan and I cleaned up and then actually went to 9 PM! But we rented a movie as we layed in bed enjoying the quiet evening. If you get a chance to watch Hall Pass, I would totally recommend it! Very funny!

I was kind of wishing to head downtown Ottawa to take a good look of Prince William and Kate, Dutchess of Cambridge but the crowds were unbelievable! I am totally one of those people that thinks Kate and I would make great friends!

Saturday morning Ryan was off early to his camp with the guys and I packed up and left with Jilly to Calabogie to a girls only cottage day! My friend (and bridesmaid) Amanda won a cottage weekend in a silent auction and invited us to join her! It was a beautiful, quiet spot that was on the water and even had a hot tub!

After all the girls had gotten their we brought some snacks and drinks down to the dock and chatted by the water!

We got an amazing potluck meal, a few more drinks and enjoyed the hot tub before heading to bed! The next morning we enjoyed a yummy breakfast on the deck before myself and Jilly headed home. Thanks for having me Amanda! :-)

Sunday original plans went down the drain and Ryan end up having a perfect day by the pool! We read, tanned, drank a couple Miller Chill's and of course, swam! It was so hot out and it was the perfect (and relaxing) way to end a busy Canada Day weekend!

No, I'm not naked!

How was your weekend? I hope you all have a great week!



  1. Hahaa...Lindsay...I am not naked! :)

    What a great weekend, the weather was perfect too. Great seeing you on Saturday, even if only for a minute. Glad you ladies had fun.

  2. Ok the disclaimer at the end made me giggle... about not being naked... LOL :)

    Looks like you've been putting your new fabulous camera to work!! Maybe someday I'll come celebrate Canada Day, just to see how it compares to the 4th of July :)