Monday, July 11, 2011

Camping Weekend & God Bless Clark


Good Monday morning! It was been one really LONG weekend! Ryan and I booked Thursday and Friday off of work!

We decided that this summer we were going to go camping. We would be roughing it for 2 days! So, on Thursday morning we drove the two hours (and 40 KM’s into the bush) to our home away from home.

Clark's Dedication 012

What else do you wear when camping then a “save the trees” shirt! Very appropriate! :-)

Clark's Dedication 002

I loved our campsite. It was private, lush, and right on the water! The water was so beautiful. Sand shore, clear and warm waters.

Clark's Dedication 007

This kind of camping is not for the faint of heart. No running water, no electricity and no flush toilettes. We slept in a tent and cooked everything on the open fire!

Clark's Dedication 028

We didn’t starve though! We had steak and potatoes, bacon and egg breakfast and chicken wraps!

Clark's Dedication 020

Not to mention S’Mores! My personal favorite!

Clark's Dedication 022

Can’t you just see the complete concentration in my face as I assembled my s’more? ha ha!

Clark's Dedication 025

The cool part about our campsite is that in 1840 it use to be a logging town. It had a historical hike you could follow with stories and artifacts.

Clark's Dedication 017

We were so lucky the weather was so beautiful. We only had about an hour of rain. During this rain we just ducked into our tent for a couple of games of Yahtzee and Hangman.

Clark's Dedication 039 

Ryan is total cheeseball, love it! :-)

Clark's Dedication 040

After packing up on Saturday morning we drove off and stopped at another stop from our campsite. It was the Brent Crater that was created over 450 million years ago!

Clark's Dedication 044

It was nice to be home on Saturday! And Ryan and I worked together to get all our stuff unpacked quickly so we could get ready to go back on the road! We were headed to friend’s Josh and Rebekka’s parents cottage in Ladysmith for a “floatilla” and fireworks!

What is a floatilla? Well boats decorated in lights that parade around the lake! It was pretty cool!

Clark's Dedication 050

And after the parade you stayed in the middle of the water to watch the 30-40 minute firework display!

Clark's Dedication 053

It was an awesome night spend with some new and old friends! Thanks again for having us!

Sunday was a very special morning. My brother and Sister (in law) was having their new baby boy, Clark dedicated (baptized).

Clark's Dedication 054

The very special part was that they had asked Ryan and I to be his God Parents. We were so humbled and honored to be a part of Clark’s spiritual life.

Clark's Dedication 088

After church, we headed back to my parents place for lunch and a visit! It was a very warm day but all the kids cooled off in a little pool in the backyard!

Clark's Dedication 081

Busy weekend eh? But even despite all the activities is was still relaxing, restful and a weekend that was full of memories!

How was your weekend?



  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I have camping as one of my 101 activities b/c I've never done that :)

  2. So I just heard the big news!!! Congratulations on your engagement!

  3. Lovely, what a fantastic weekend.