Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Friday Craft


Happy Friday everyone! Don’t worry, the weekend is almost here….just a few more hours!

Today I want to show you a little craft I have been working on. For a long time at the beginning of spring I had started to neglect my craft room. Then, one quiet day I decided to organize some drawers in my creative space (OCD much?) and found an old treasure.

A couple of years ago, I found an old 1950’s sewing pattern for a children’s smock in a thrift store. It was in pretty rough condition but I still couldn’t pass it up. I filed it away for safe keeping and really hadn’t seen it since.

What is a 1950’s children’s smock you ask? Well, it’s a protective piece of clothing that is worn over a kids “good" clothes so they don’t get ruined while playing. It’s like a mix between an apron and a bib.

The first thing I did was take the old ratty pattern and made a new one! I simply used photocopier paper and tape!

Next I needed material. Last year my Grandma sold her house to move into a much small space in a retirement facility. She use to “create” too and passed on a lot of her sewing and needle work supplies to me. She also gave me most of her old pillow cases which I was so excited about! I found two coordinating pillow cases perfect for this project!


First thing I did was trace out the pattern!


Then, cut it all out! 


I had to pin it all together before sewing. Most importantly, for new sewers, wrong sides out and leave a hole so you can flip it right side out again!

Now, this is the part where I let it sit for a month because I was being a chicken! I did not want to make a button hole! After sewing it together (with tie ribbons) and pressing this cute little smock it was actually starting to look good! I didn’t want to mess that up by my lack of buttonhole skills.

Finally, one evening, with this cute little smock staring me in the face I made my first buttonholes! (After a few trials and errors)

Canada Day 005

Then sew on some UBER cute buttons. Canada Day 004

Finally, a children’s smock! Perfect for my little 2 year niece, Faith! (P.S Faith has totally turned into my craft guinea pig!) 

Canada Day 003

Which, is also reversible!

Canada Day 002 

This is such a simple 1 hour (minus a month of being scared of buttonholes) craft! It’s fun to be able to use an old ratty vintage pattern and create someone out of it again!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!