Monday, July 18, 2011

Eventful, Yet Uneventful Weekend


Are you confused yet? How can a weekend be both eventful and uneventful? Well let me explain! :-)

The week was going by so well and quick! It was busy with random trips in the bug for ice cream.

Engagment Pictures Weekend 001

And an impromptu trip for groceries and supper with one of my BF’s Jilly!

When the weekend finally arrived I was excited to get it started by getting together with some of my best friends for big celebrations! Babies, birthday’s and anniversary! Where else to go but Lonestar! The best part of Lonestar is the big cowboy hats that they make the birthday people wear when singing! :-)

Engagment Pictures Weekend 016

It was a delicious meal and great company! The conversation is never short with this group! I’m sure we could all talk for hours! Once I got home, and after a long week at work, it was off to bed right away. Fridays night’s just aren’t the same wild time they use to be! ha ha!

Saturday morning Ryan had to work so I went with him. I told him I went to keep him company when in reality I knew he stopped for pizza for lunch…ha ha! It was nice spending the morning with him though!

Engagment Pictures Weekend 019

The rest of the afternoon we worked outside weeding the vegetable garden and mowing. Then to beat the heat (hello scorcher!!) we joined my brother, SIL and kiddos for an afternoon swim! It was perfect!

Sunday morning Ryan and I were up early to “beautify” ourselves for our engagement pictures!! The wonderful Julie C Butler was making the long drive to the farm to take our pictures!


I have to say these pictures have been on my mind for quite some time. I was nervous! I know, I know totally silly to be nervous about pictures but I was! I was nervous because Ryan and I had never had professional pictures done. I was nervous because lately I haven’t liked looking at what I look like in pictures. I was just nervous for a bunch of reasons!

Julie really helped that though! She is so comforting and easy going! When changing clothes at Mom and Dad’s we were stilling there chatting and it really made things comfortable! It was a friend taking these pictures not just anybody! I’m so confident in her abilities that I know they are going to be beautiful! Thank you Julie!

For the rest of the afternoon Ryan and I were going to work on the new flower beds! However, it was so friggin’ hot!!! Instead, we decided to be lazy, move into the cool basement and watch 2 movies for the afternoon! It sucked that we didn’t get anything done outside but I think we are both more rested this morning.

Finally, I was able to cross another item off of my 101 list!

#97: Watch a thunder and lighting storm. ‘

This was was one of those items that is easy to cross off but you kind of forget about it! When I saw the storm coming over the mountain though Ryan and I went out on the veranda to watch the storm!

Engagment Pictures Weekend 023

Little did we know 5 minutes into it a huge cracking sound would send us back into the house fearful that a tree was going to fall on us!

Engagment Pictures Weekend 024

The wind was so crazy from that storm that it sent branches and parts of trees down blocking our road! The one big one, very close to the power lines and house!

Engagment Pictures Weekend 029

Thank goodness that was the worse of it but maybe mother nature should stop with the extreme weather for the rest of the summer. What ever happened to nice, relaxing rain showers?

So, as you can see, with a few events (supper out, engagement pictures and thunderstorm) for the most part the weekend was relaxing and uneventful!

How was your weekend?



  1. That was definitely not a "sit outside and watch" kind of storm. It was more of a "run for the basement, the house is gonna blow away" kind of storm! (Followed by more throughout the night). Yeah. I hate storms. :s

  2. I love the convertible bug! And send some rain our way! We're burning up here!

  3. That's the cutest bug EVER!