Friday, July 15, 2011

Eww.….*Gag* *Gag*


Wow! Nothing like a Friday to have a totally weird title right? Oh ya, happy Friday! Finally the end of the week and the beginning of a super fun weekend!

I have a little story for you but first I have worn all of those with weak stomachs to turn away now…..

Ok….I warned you! As you know from Monday, Ryan and I went camping last weekend and had a blast! We really worked well as a team when we got home to get things unpacked and ready for our next destination.

I have this red water bottle thingy that I carry everywhere! It stays cold, fits nicely into cup holders and basically I am too cheap to go somewhere and buy water!

water bottle

So, before we left for Rebekka’s and Josh’s I filled up my water bottle with fresh cold water!

Now, I’m about to tell you a very embarrassing fact about myself. I get Tonsillotiths (don’t click the word to the link if you have a weak stomach either).

What the heck is Tonsillotiths? Well, some people have crevices in the back of their throat that collects loose food/mucus and stays there forming balls. After building up these whitish balls they can be removed by hand. The worse part? It causes bad breath. I always try to have gum/mints on me at all times and when speaking to someone I try to talk with my mouth in another direction then their face. It’s common but can be really embarrassing.

So, as I was saying, I had such filled up my water bottle with fresh water last weekend. I was thirsty after running around putting everything away. I took a BIG gulp of my water and “oh frig, one of those balls got loose” (common thing). So, I walk to the bathroom and spit out my water in the sink only to find that it wasn’t one of those balls but…..


AN EARWIG!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!

Look I’m not a wimp! I can handle spiders, snakes, and other “creepy crawlies” but Earwigs (in my mouth…ahhh)…HELL NO! It’s the name EARwig…Like those little spikes on it’s butt are going to burrow into my head and eat my brains!

After drinking a bottle of mouth wash and throwing out that water bottle I was a little better!

However, I will NEVER drink anything, before looking first! YUCK! EW! GAG, GAG!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Ewwwwww! Earwigs are the worst!! So creepy!


  3. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww, I DETEST earwigs...poor you!

  4. Y' matter how many times I hear this story, it just never gets any more pleasant...Earwigs are nasty. NASTY. Blech.

  5. yuck! i get those in my apartment occasionally and they totally creep me out :(

  6. I hate those things too!!! But I also hate snakes and spiders!!

  7. oh fun.... NOT! :) Happy Friday!

  8. Oh no! That's nightmare material right there.

  9. I really WASN'T enjoying my frozen dinner for supper, but that did me in. My daughter Cara took a drink from the garden hose and had that happen, disgusting.