Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wedding Wednesday – Theme


Happy Wednesday everyone….you’re half way there!

Today is Wedding Wednesday. Let’s recap shall we:

The Maid of Honor, Jilly and Best man, Graham.

Bridesmaids, Rebekka and Amanda.

Groomsmen, Luc and Jared.

And of course flower girls, Maddy and Faith.

Plus, here is our engagement story. 

So, now that you are all caught up, where do we go from here? The theme of the wedding!

Yes, we are having a medieval themed wedding. Ryan is going to be wearing a full armored suit, ride in on a horse……


Ha, no just kidding!

Pre-engagement I thought that I would want to go to the city for my wedding. I thought wouldn’t a wedding in the city where guests would stay over night be nice? And easy, all the amenities are right there.

Then, I got engaged and started thinking about my wedding for real! The thought of not being able to get married in my small town made me sad. Suddenly, I knew that I didn’t want to be married anywhere else then around home!

That got the wheels turning. Let’s be honest. Ryan and I aren’t the fanciest people. We’re not big on flashy and fancy. But, isn’t that what weddings are? It was a very confusing process. Ideas and opinions are getting thrown at you in every direction!

One day we were walking around the farm and ducked into a building that that holds a lot of our inventory. When that building was build a few years back they build a loft to hold some of the old artifacts from the Farm.

An old carriage.


Grandpa’s latter, the old brick house door…


And LOTS of old barn board.

Red barn board

I knew, the minute I saw all this stuff that I wanted to have a rustic/vintage themed wedding/reception.

Most of the decorations are going to be actual antiques that belonged to my ancestors. I am so lucky a lot of old farm stuff that most people would have thrown away are still here!

The ideas using barn board, mason jars, raffia ribbon, and antiques galore are spinning around my head!

Ryan and I realize that we are going to have a lot of work ahead of us. Not only is this stuff hidden away but it is covered in years of dirt and dust.

The first idea of an out of town wedding was convenient. The idea was nice but when thinking about it, so not “us”.

What is “us” is a simple, rustic/vintage wedding celebrating our love with our family and friends!


Happy Wednesday!



  1. It would be insanely interesting to see Ryan in that suit of armour on your wedding day... lol

  2. Sounds perfect IMO! You'll have to get lots of photos so I can see :)