Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Belated Merry Christmas To You All

I know, where have I been right? Well, as much as I love my small and the farm that I work at, that happens to be in the middle of no where, it has it’s draw backs too. One being the internet. I am thankful that we even have high speed internet and at times even wireless (WOOOO!) but the littlest of storms, like the freezing rain we got last Wednesday, and bye-bye internet! But the best part, it was Christmas and no one could fix it! Boo!

It actually has been off for a whole week and while I was a little stressed about not being able to e-mail, blog, or browse I took those days off as an opportunity to focus on Christmas, family, and friends! So, now I’m back bloggy world!

How about a little Christmas recap?

Christmas is, as we all know, the most wonderful time of year! I was feeling so prepared! The food was all bought and prepared, and the presents were all wrapped. All I had to do was wait.

Since there was no network or internet at the office myself, Mom, and Jilly picked up Amanda and headed to get Amanda’s bridesmaid dress! We met Rebekka there and then all enjoyed a nice eve of Christmas eve breakfast!

When we got back to the office everyone was already off work and starting the Christmas shindig!

Christmas 002

It’s a Mountainview tradition to get together and play some music over a couple of drinks before everyone is off for the holidays!

That evening I headed to Jilly’s for our annual supper/dessert and Christmas movie night. I made supper this year which was Better Butter Chicken. Jilly supplied a tray of assorted homemade sweets! Yum! We settled in with full bellies to watch, The Holiday.


Christmas Eve Ryan and I headed to my parents for a turkey lunch. We all ate so much food and then topped it off with some birthday cake for Jesus. We even sang, “Happy Birthday” to him as well. Faith had a hoot blowing out the candles.

Christmas 011

Then it was time to exchange presents with the kids and my brother and sister in law! I have so much fun just sitting back and watching Faith rip open all her gifts and trying everything out immediately!

Christmas 030

Although Clark doesn’t quite get it yet his riding gift from Mom and Dad was a hit! He giggled and smiled while on it!

Christmas 047

We all headed to the Christmas Eve service at church and then back home to get into bed before Santa came!

Christmas morning I woke up at my parents house for the last time. Next year, Ryan and I will start our own traditions at our home. It was a blast at home with Mom and Dad as usual but sometimes I would get mixed emotions. Part of me can’t wait to wake up Christmas morning with my husband and do our own thing. The other part of me is a little sad that the Christmas mornings at Mom and Dad’s are now over. No, I know, they will still be here but it’s just seems like the end of an era.

Christmas 049

The tree.

Christmas 051

Mom with her new squeeze box.

Ryan and I headed back to my place to change and load up the jeep to drive to his parents for Christmas supper! I was super excited to see everyone! The kids were so excited about all the gifts and commotion around the house! They were so enthusiastic about all their gifts!

Christmas 059

One of my favorite memories was when Ryan’s nanny gave Katelyn a card that read “Merry Friggin’ Christmas” with other funny “not so Christmas” messages. ha ha Shirley and I had a great laugh about it.

“Does this tree skirt make my butt look big?”

Christmas 056

Ryan and I were so spoiled by both of our families! We are so lucky to have such wonderful people to call family.

Boxing day and yesterday was spent cleaning up and putting things away. We watched movies and played with all of our new “toys” one of mine being my new Keurig! Loving this machine!

Christmas 060

It was such a wonderful Christmas! I truly enjoyed every moment!

How was your Christmas?



  1. Just because you're married doesn't mean you can't spend the night at your parents house on Christmas Eve :)... but I also know what you mean about mixed emotions! I still get them and this was my 2nd year outta the house. Of course one year that I was dating an ex, I slept on his parents couch for some reason (birthday, Christmas, don't remember) and I just about cried b/c I wasn't waking up at my parents house.

  2. I LOVE my Keurig too! I was so happy when I opened it. I went out yesterday and bought a whack of K-Cups :)