Monday, December 5, 2011

Visit In North Bay


Happy Monday everyone! The weekend went by in a blur of fun activity! It all started out on Friday night as we loaded up the Jeep and hit the road on the way to North Bay, Ontario.

Visit to North Bay 006

Tucker came too!

Our destination was the home of Ryan’s Aunt Lynn and Uncle Harv.

Upon our arrival we all sat down to an amazing supper and visit which was awesome after our 4 hour drive!

Saturday morning we woke up with some breakfast and then Aunt Lynn helped me cross off an item off of my 101 list….

Visit to North Bay 009

#15: Learn how to make Aunt Lynn’s sticky buns.

Visit to North Bay 008

While waiting for the buns to rise we had some lunch and played some Euchre! Where Ryan and I got our butts kicked!

Tucker felt right at home and enjoyed being spoiled by Aunt Lynn and Uncle Harv.

Visit to North Bay 010

Finally, it was time to put those buns in the oven. The smell was heavenly!

Visit to North Bay 013

The end result….YUM!

That evening we got dressed and headed into down for a nice supper and then bowling with the rest of the family.

Visit to North Bay 018

Will and Amy

Visit to North Bay 017

Dean and Michelle (and Lynn and Harv)

And of course these little cuties, Charlotte and Amelia.

Visit to North Bay 021

It was an super fun game of bowling but champion players Dean and Amy beat us all!

Visit to North Bay 020

Visit to North Bay 027

That evening, when back at Aunt Lynn and Harv’s, we played Euchre for another 2 hours while having a couple of night caps! It was such a fun time! I had tears of laughter streaming down my face!

The next morning we enjoyed the sticky buns for breakfast and packed up to hit the road. We thanked our generous hosts for the amazing weekend!

Thank you Aunt Lynn and Uncle Harv for having Ryan, Tucker and I this weekend! It was great to visit with you and the rest of the family! Love you’s!

On our way home we I got a VERY exciting text saying that friends Evan and Josee were happy to announce the early but safe delivery of baby boy Landyn! Such happy news! Congrats guys!

How was your weekend?



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