Monday, December 12, 2011

Fun and Youthful Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! It was busy, busy weekend but let me try to recap for you!

On Friday I arrived home to make a couple special pot luck dishes to get ready for the December Book Club meeting, which was being held at my house! I SO look forward to book club! It’s hard to believe we just completed our 2nd year! It was a great potluck meal and a great discussion about the book, Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner. Thank you Jill and Sharon for organizing this for us members all year long!

Fly Away Home

During our book club Ryan went to go pick up his niece and nephew to stay with us for the weekend!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early with some bacon and eggs and then headed to the city. I am very excited to say that I am officially DONE Christmas shopping! I made a list early this year and followed it. This made shopping this year a breeze!

We grabbed a quick lunch at McDonald's and Ry and I relaxed and chatted a bit while the kids played on the play structure!


When we got home the 4 of us headed over to my parents house (who were watching Faith for the weekend) to help them decorate their Christmas tree. They had some yummy snacks for us and we all had a hoot decorating!

Weekend with Caleb and Aleisha 001

After decorating we headed back home and got our aprons on! I had promised Ryan’s niece we would make some cookies! She was such a great help and stirred and measured all the ingredients! I pretty much just supervised!

Weekend with Caleb and Aleisha 002

Weekend with Caleb and Aleisha 011

It was a lot of fun and the cookies turned out great!

Weekend with Caleb and Aleisha 016

While we were baking the boys played a couple games of Crazy 8’s and Rummy.

Weekend with Caleb and Aleisha 020

I have to admit I was worried about how Tucker would be with the kids. He takes a while to warm up to people and I thought having young ones around might make him aggressive. Luckily, Tucker was so good with the kids and after our baking Ry’s niece had a fashion show with Tucker being her model!

Weekend with Caleb and Aleisha 019

We grabbed some homemade pizza for supper and then headed out to Jilly’s to watch the Quyon Christmas Parade!

Weekend with Caleb and Aleisha 025

We (Me, Ryan, Ryan’s nephew, Jill and Luke) had fun placing a small wager on how many floats there would be in the parade! My guess of 4 lost big time as there were about 17 floats!

Weekend with Caleb and Aleisha 027

The kids LOVED the parade saying it was one of the best ones they have been to! They left with pockets full of candy and new teddy bears!

Weekend with Caleb and Aleisha 031

We then headed to the Beach Barn to see and sit with Santa!

Weekend with Caleb and Aleisha 035

It was a busy day but the kids kept going on and on about how much fun they had and that made it all worth it!

Sunday morning I made everyone a special pancake breakfast before heading back home. The house felt so quiet without them there but it was such a great, fun visit with two very special kids!

Weekend with Caleb and Aleisha 023

How was your weekend?



  1. Looks like fun!

    I spent the weekend in Ft. Worth Texas. We flew down there on Friday morning and then drove back with my parents yesterday :)

  2. I want to THANK YOU & RY again for taking the kids.Gene really needed the time away from the kids .

    Bev(Mom) & Gene(Dad)

  3. You and Ryan are the coolest aunt and uncle ever! I know Sancia had a blast at the parade! What a great weekend!

  4. A memory both kids will remember I agree with Nancy they probably think you guys are the coolest!!!!!!!!!!