Friday, December 2, 2011

Figuring Out That Tree


Since moving into my home over three years ago there has been a lot of work put into it. There has always been at least 1 room/area of the house that was under construction.

The kitchen.

2009 003

The basement.

Surprise birthday 006

The upstairs.


The upstairs bathroom.

Guelph Trip 025

The living room.

livingroom 004

GAH! Just looking at all those makes me….

1. Realize how much work we’ve done to the house and

2. Feel tired!

This year is no different. As we’re attempting to put a laundry room into our old basement. This makes for putting Christmas decorations out very difficult. Renovating is dirty. Gyprock dust, muddy boots, and lots of other dirty things. Things you never imagined that could get dirty, do.

Exhibit A:


But, I still put those decorations out anyways because they make the house feel so festive!

Last year, we had a small issue with our Christmas tree in the basement….It was too small.

Christmas decorations 015

The poor little star couldn’t fit on top.

On boxing day Ry and I ventured out to the Canadian Tire store to get a smaller Christmas tree to actually FIT the basement. We got a much smaller tree and for 75% off! Woot woot!

I didn’t want to throw out the brand new Christmas tree from downstairs! I’m just too frugal and resourceful! I had the perfect idea in mind!

I LOVED my new living room once the renovation was done. It has so much character because it is part of the house that was build in the early 1900’s.

Particularly, I love this bay window! The perfect spot for a Christmas tree.

Livingroom Reno 012

This week I set up the tree and Ryan helped me decorate it while listening to a little Wayne Rodstad, Christmas In The Valley. This tree is our new “formal tree” with ornaments that were bought by my mom (and passed down to me) from her old “music” tree.

Formal Christmas Tree 004

Old Tree + New Location = Whole New Look

We were very proud of our new decorative tree. It’s in the perfect new spot and I love driving home seeing it through the window!

Formal Christmas Tree 006

P.S Tucker loves it too and yes, I decorate in P.J’s.

Hopefully next week we can get our second “fun tree” set up with all the decorations that were given to us and ones we brought from past vacations! :-)

Happy Friday!


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