Monday, December 19, 2011

The Weekend Before Christmas Weekend

Being that it was the last weekend before Christmas, parties and fun Christmas activities had to be squeezed into 3 days.

On Friday evening my family and I settled into the comfy couches at my parents to watch a family favorite….


A Muppet Christmas Carol.

Every member of our family can now recite that whole movie! It will always be one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time.

Saturday morning I was up early so that I could accomplish many Christmas things including; cleaning, cooking, more cleaning and wrapping! It was busy and before I knew it Ryan and I were headed out the door to head to friend’s Sara and Grahams for the annual Potluck and ornament exchange.

The food was amazing and how different the group has become! It was especially fun to sit and watch these two cuties play around!

Christmas weekend before Christmas 010

I love the gift that I received from Kelly! It is all set out so that I can enjoy it before Christmas as well!

xmas gift exchange

Photo courtesy of Stacy 

Sunday I was up and headed to church for a very special service. It was pageant day! It is always so fun to watch the little ones be involved in the reenactment of  the Christmas story.

Christmas weekend before Christmas 023

Two little angels sitting with Nancy.

Christmas weekend before Christmas 017

Two very cute Sheppard's.

Christmas weekend before Christmas 027

The whole production, I was an angel.

I had to dart out of church right after the service because I was having some very special guests over for supper. Amanda and Josh were home for Christmas from Calgary and we were getting together with Candace, Steph and Shane for our annual potluck and gift exchange.

Christmas weekend before Christmas 034

It was so nice to sit, chat and visit with these ladies that I don’t get to see very often!

Right after our gift exchange Dad came to pick me up to head to the city. We went to go visit my Grandma who is unfortunately in the hospital.

We grabbed a quick bite to eat and then went to see the men’s choir that my Auntie Ruth plays for!

Christmas weekend before Christmas 036

It was so lovely listening to these amazing singers as they belted out all of my favorite Christmas songs! I felt full of Christmas spirit!

How was your weekend?



  1. Love that picture of Maddy & Charlotte...and also the pictures from church! What a fun weekend!!

  2. Great pictues from the pageant, think I'll steal them, thanks Lindsay...especially the one of me and my little angels. I love our kids at church!

  3. Sounds like quite the weekend. I hope youf Grandmother is doing better!

  4. Oh goodness you just wore me out!