Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wedding Wednesday – Registry Woes

Happy Wednesday everybody! It is getting harder and harder to focus the more the week continues on. It is getting so close to Christmas! I keep thinking to myself, “Wow, this is my last Christmas as an unwed woman”.

The Knot has been an amazing tool to help with getting ready for the wedding. Not only is there a checklist of things for me to check off, it also gives you the timeline.

I have been very good at checking off the necessary items in the allotted time. There was only one little item that I was having trouble crossing off the list at the “6 month” mark….The Wedding Registry.

Honestly, the wedding registry was something that was an after thought until I saw it on my “to-do” list. It wasn’t something I was looking forward to. I actually felt a little weirded out  and awkward about pretty much asking people for these things.

Then my mother reminded me that it made peoples lives a lot easier because regardless of what I wanted, people were still going to get you a wedding gift and it would be easier on them to have a list.

While my Mom and I were at the wedding show this past fall there were three major stores offering wedding registry services…

The Bay/Home Outfitters

The Bay



and Bed, Bath and Beyond

Bed_Bath Beyond2-web

After looking into each companies site and online recommendations I had decided Bed, Bath, and Beyond was the one that I thought was the best.

While at a dentist appointment in the city a while back Ryan and I decided it was also going to be Wedding Registry day. We arrived at Bed, Bath and Beyond like little excited children with our list and quickly we become disappointed.

We learnt that while a Quebec resident can register for gifts at their store you must still give an Ontario address. If you don’t have an Ontario address….forget it. Also, other Quebec residents shopping for us would not be able to get things delivered to them unless they lived in Ontario….bummer!

Upon arriving back home my AMAZING MOH Jilly and Mom reassured me that things would be ok. Jill mentioned that her brother and future sister-in-law had just registered at The Bay and Home Outfitters. She had mentioned that they now had a great online website and I should check it out.

Check it out I did and immediately signed up!

So, right now our registry is sitting there empty until the new year when we can go in person to scan some items. It started off disappointing at Bed, Bath and Beyond but thankfully because of my great support system (Jill and Mom) the registry was started without any stress at all!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. um that BBB thing is just nuts! Oh and don't worry, you'll still get things that weren't on your list... just sayin ;)

  2. Glad I was able to help! I was just happy you weren't mad at me! haha!! Your mom on the phone going, "Well Jill thinks..." and I'm in the background going, "NO! Whatever she wants is fine!" LOL!!!

  3. Wow. I was actually thinking about setting up a second registry at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Now I may be rethinking that.

    We registered at Sears and I found it pretty overwhelming. They just tell you to go crazy and scan everything, but then I can't remember what I actually registered for. I know I need to go through it online and make sure I have at least all of the essential items.

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