Monday, February 6, 2012

Hockey Game + Birthday Party = Perfect Weekend


Seriously? The weekend is over? It feels like it passed by in a blink!

I can’t complain at all though! I am off of work today and I had Friday off for our annual Mountainview snowmobile trip! Which Ryan and I both got to go on for the first time this year!! It was a blast!

Maddy's Birthday 002

I’ve talked a few times on here about the renovation project that I am currently working on…The Study. Last week, I finally got the new desk and shelves installed. It looks kind of bare so while getting groceries early Saturday A.M I found some baskets that were over 50% off!! I picked up 8 of them and because they were so cheap I didn’t have to break the bank to buy them! Of course I had to browse through the Joe Fresh clothes too and got two sweaters for $4.94 (each) and both were regularly $24! Oh, and I got groceries too, ha ha!

Saturday afternoon Dad and I headed to the city to meet Bekk and Josh for supper. A while back Bekk (who is a Sens fan) and I (the leaf fan) talked about going to a game together! We decided to get tickets for the February 4th game!

It was a great supper and visit! It turned out that it was D.I.F,D night and money raised that evening would go to youth mental health awareness.

Maddy's Birthday 016

It was a GREAT game to be at if you were a Leafs fan. The Leafs took it 5-0!!!! It was a great game and Dad and I left the arena happy little fans!! Bekk and Josh….not so happy! :-)

Maddy's Birthday 020

Sunday morning I headed to Mom and Dad’s for breakfast and then Ryan and I went to church. After church we took a LOVELY afternoon nap!

We had to be rested because Ryan had a curling game that afternoon and I had a special 5th birthday party to attend!

I was so excited to see little Landyn who was attending his very first party!

Maddy's Birthday 021

Maddy opened all her gifts and then blew out the birthday candles! Her Princess cake was adorable and tasted so good! Her almost 9 month pregnant Mom, Stacy, hosted a great Princes party for her!

Maddy's Birthday 026

It was busy but great weekend where I got to spend ALOT of time with family and friends!

How was your weekend?



  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! Hockey game sounds great.. what a blast!!

  2. Good luck on your renovation! Your weekend looked fun and I love th espelling of Landyn..what a cutie he is!

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