Friday, February 10, 2012

I’m A Trader


Happy Friday everyone! It is very believable, again, that Friday is here.  It’s been a touch week inside and outside of the office but I am looking forward to a beautiful wedding this Saturday.

Speaking of work, a big change happened here. For YEARS our crew of about 40 always had Mike phones as a means of communication. They have been a great tool for us. To be able to communicate like walkie-talkies with just a click of a button!

In fact, I had a Mike phone for years and then in the last year and a half upgraded to a Blackberry with a Mike.


It was the best phone! I loved it! I loved the BBM feature, checking my e-mail, the whole board used for texting, it was my little sidekick!

I was a little distraught when they told me that I had to trade in my wonderful phone and get something new.

You see, the whole Mike system is becoming obsolete in the next year or so. There will be no Mike phones this time in a couple of years. The towers aren’t getting repaired so the reception has been increasingly getting worse and worse. We all made the decisions that now was the best time to switch everyone's Mike phone to standard phones. Get everyone use to them before the busy summer season.

That included me.

At first, of course, I was going to get a blackberry, my other one had been so great to me. Then, the sales people gave me another phone to try for a week. An iphone 4S.

After that week of trying out that phone I was hooked and knew as great a blackberry was the iphone was now the phone for me.


This is my baby phone!

I’ve only had this phone for 3 days and already it has been so helpful! I am LOVING the apps! They FAR exceed those of the blackberry.

I’m still learning my way around this new phone and new technology but so far it has been great. Any tips or Apps you would recommend?

Happy Friday!



  1. Ah, finally you converted! I just have the iPhone 4. Mark thought the 5 was coming out last fall as did most people so he wanted one of those, but when the 4S came out it was like, nah. LOL :). So you can download an app that changes your font. If you look at my blog post today you can see the font I have. I believe the app is called Pimp My Text. The only bad thing is if you get Words with Friends and then get the Words with Friends Cheat, it doesn't recognize the fonts so you can't cheat... lol. Another fun one is Instagram :)

  2. I love my iPhone!!! You'll LOVE IT!!! :)