Friday, February 24, 2012

A Lesson In Babysitting. What Ever Teen Should Experience!


First and foremost, happy Friday! This week has been kind of the pits! The week started out great by sending out the wedding invitations but late Monday night/Tuesday morning I woke up and continued to stay on the cold floor of my bathroom for 24 hours. Bleh! My flu has finally passed and I am feeling SO much better!

Secondly, I’d like to give a shout out to my future mother-in-law, Bev on her birthday today!!

Happy Birthday Bev!

I mentioned last Friday about how Ryan and I aren’t too big into the whole Valentines Day thing. We like to have random date nights any day of the week. Because we do this, Valentines day isn’t special to us and never really has been.

That’s why this year for Christmas, we gave my brother and his wife a dinner gift certificate and our babysitting services for Valentines night!

I thought I was pretty swift. I made supper the night before so that I didn’t have to cook. Jared and Holly headed out and our babysitting experience from Hell began!

The meal went off without a hitch! Clark and Faith both loved my special potatoes. Ryan and I were up clearing our down dished at the sink when the next time we turn around Faith is giggling…not a good sign.

She had taken her drink, which was full, and gulped it ALL down. After her innocent little giggle she let out a burp and special potatoes were everywhere!

I’m trying to catch the worse of it in my hand and clean it up while Ryan is gagging in the background. Thanks for the help hun!

After that mess was all cleaned up and supper was over we headed to the living room for some T.V and play. Not even 5 minutes into it a weird smell came into the room. I actually blamed it at first on Ryan when all the sudden Clark came crawling towards us with poop all the way up his back and down his leg!

Thankfully, I’ve changed my share of diapers in my day and it was all good. Clark went down to bed shortly after the explosive poop incident but Faith had other plans.

Her plan was to torture her Uncle and Ti-Ti by crying for the next 2 hours straight. Ryan and I couldn’t even turn on the T.V without making her cry. We ended out the night by staring at eachother from across the kitchen table. We never said it but I think at that moment we both agreed, we can wait a little longer to have kids.

I really think EVERY teen thinking about how great having a baby is should experience what we did. Even though we absolutely adore both of these little people and cherish the special moments like this…

Valentines Babysitting 001

and this…

Valentines Babysitting 003

that you also have to realize that kids aren’t always perfect and are sometimes downright gross and cranky!

Happy Friday!



  1. LOLOLOL!!!! I am killing myself laughing! That's hilarious! I haven't dealt with the explosive poops yet but I did have a few too many experiences with the barfing situation. I can picture Ryan gagging in the background for sure because that's exactly where Casey would be :P

  2. Hahaha, I'll bet you were bored ;)