Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wedding Wednesday – Random


Happy Wednesday everyone! I checked my Duration Calculator yesterday. It is an application that I used quite often to see the wedding days go from months to weeks and do you know what it said yesterday?

12 weeks!

Is it just me or does that REALLY not seem like a lot of time?

These days I am giving my poor mother stress. You see, I have all of these DIY projects marked and ready to start when it get closer to the wedding. There was a lot of things I wanted to do myself, put my craftiness to work.

Well, in order to do these things they require supplies. This supplies I have been slowing accumulating over the last month and there it was been sitting.

Paper for programs

For example, that program paper. I have all intent on getting these programs made but I can’t yet. I have to wait until the order of service is done for the actual ceremony. I keep telling Mom to chill out because I am sure it ALL will get done but her lack of confidence is making me wonder…Will I really get it all done in time?

My wedding central room, formally known as the sunroom threw up and spewed wedding stuff ALL over my house! Particularly, my basement is seeing these effects. The handy-dandy little island area as become my ideal working location while watching sappy t.v shows!

Messy basement

Working on wedding stuff while watching chick flicks…perfect!

In this little basement I was able to complete one very important project! One item that I knew I could get done ahead of time. While meeting with the florist I had discussed with him using mason jars instead of vases. I saw this picture

mason raffia 1

and this one too

mason raffia 2

I loved the combination of raffia ribbon and the mason jar.

I got to work and ordered A WHOLE whack of raffia and began tying all the jars with pretty little bows. After much trial and error I decided the jars needed 6 individual pieces of raffia to make one bow. It was a task but it feels nice to cross this item off of our list!

raffia mason ready

In our local paper, The Equity, they send out an annual Bridal Supplement within the regular scheduled paper. As a girl, I love getting this and looking through all the weddings from the past year and ones to come.

As I’ve gotten older the faces and names have become more and more familiar. They are people that are around my age, even ones I went to school with which was always very surreal.

This year, Ryan and I had an engagement announcement in this years addition.

engagement announcement

It was pretty special seeing our picture and details right there along the other “engagee’s”. I kind of got flutters thinking about all the people looking and reading about us getting married. The official paper announcement made it seem really real!

There’s lots more going on in the wedding front so stay tuned! Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!



  1. You must be getting so excited now! It's going to come quick , with wedding showers, and bachlorettes, you are going to be busy. Im excited for you :)

  2. Our announcement won't be in the paper until some random day since our engagement pictures were just done on the weekend. Love your picture though :) xox

  3. gorgeous picture! I am so excited!

  4. Just remember, whatever doesn't get done, no one is going to know but you. So don't stress!

  5. nice photo in the announcement! It'll be here before you know it!

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