Friday, February 3, 2012

Snowmobile Trip 2012!


Being from a VERY small town, with not a whole lot to do, one has to make their own fun. The good thing about living in a small town, especially a farming community, is there is a vast amount of space to run around and have fun!

I remember being a kid, walking the fields around the farm. Through the bush and down by the pond. I really knew how to use my imagination. As I got older Jared and I would take Dad’s old 71’ snowmobile out for a rip around the fields. One person driving and the other on a G.T being whipped behind the sled.

It was loads of fun! But, then you grow up and you begin “real life”. Luckily, for Jared and I this means working on our family farm. In our business we have a lot of clients from around the Ottawa area. Some of these clients have become are very good friends. They are mostly golf course superintendents and city park’s managers.

Norway Bay 171

One Friday out of the whole winter, when things in the green industry are a bit quieter, we like to invite them up to our next of the woods for a little small town fun!

All of the boys get on either their own or rented snowmobiles and for a day they take in the scenes of our little Pontiac, Quebec region.

Norway Bay 178

Today is that day yet again. So, Mom and I have set out a yummy breakfast for the men before the depart and now they are off!

Norway Bay 160

We’ll meet up with them again at our local watering hole, Gavan’s, to end the day and thank them all for coming!

It’s the perfect way to start a weekend. Out having fun in the snow. It’s an event that many of the guys look forward to all year around and it’s an honor for us to be able to show them a little piece of what this small town is about!

Happy Friday!



  1. I bet Ry was in his glory today spending it out on the snowmobile .

  2. Ok so I so want to go for a ride on a snowmobile. We don't get enough snow down here for those. In fact we really haven't had any snow this year so far....