Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wedding Wednesday -Reception Hall


One of the things that I’ve never talked about on here was where our reception was going to be taking place. I’m not really sure as to why I wanted to skip over this little detail. It’s an important one. I mean, it’s where we are going to go to eat and celebrate the fact that we are married. Maybe it’s because even though I am SO thankful to be able to have a nice big space, I am still a little sad about the fact that it is not in my own hometown.

In our little hometown we have a lot of events! A lot of REALLY fun events where pretty much the whole community shows up to support various people and charities. Where are these events held? In our beloved “Beachbarn” or “Lion’s Hall”, the place goes by both names.

Rolly 001

This poor little building originated from army base where it was purchased and place in this place to be used for storage. Over the years, the need for a hall became great and they turned this bunker into a hall adding a floor, lights and bathrooms. It’s held up so well and if the walls could talk I am sure it would have many a story to tell!

Canada Day 033

Unfortunately, our little hall has seen better days. It’s is well past it’s expiration date and a new one is needed, badly! The ceiling leaks when it rains, the septic system is on it’s last leg and the lack of windows can make for a VERY warm event.

That’s why, this small town girl, had to move her reception to another town. 

Luckily, in Shawville, on the same grounds where the beloved Shawville Fair is held is a beautiful and spacious building! There is the Shawville Agricultual Hall and Arena. Yup, this building is attached to the same arena where we took Ryan’s niece and nephew skating!

Craift Fair Skating 008

It’s a great space and we are SO fortunate to have the ability to have our wedding reception there! But, of course I had a sense of guilt for not doing it in my own town so I came up with a win/win solution.

A couple of years ago a committee formed called The Quyon Waterfront Committee. It’s a group of very dedicated members of our community who have been working diligently on raising enough funds to build us a new hall. They have done such an amazing job and the thought of a new building is no longer just a dream, it’s around the corner, they’re almost there!

My dad is a member on this committee and Ryan and I approached him. You see, at our reception venue, you have to provide your own bar. It would be a big job for Ryan and I, license, enough booze and getting people to work it.

Instead, we thought we would ask the Waterfront Committee to organize and run the bar at our wedding and any profit made goes back to our own community, into the future hall.

It was very sad for me not to hold my wedding reception in my own small town at The Beachbarn. Luckily, we have another great alternative that helps everybody. We have a wonderful venue to hold our reception and still found a way to give back to our future town hall, where hopefully we will be enjoying many events soon!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. This is such a great idea!!! :)

  2. That's great Lindsay, most brides and grooms like the idea of how much profit they would make off their own bar!

  3. Lindsay and Ryan,
    What a lovely, thoughtful, generous gesture. Why am I not surprised?

  4. That was a brilliant idea, Lindsay! They say that, if there's a will, there's a way. Not having your wedding held in your hometown is quite frustrating, but there is still something to be happy about. I'm certain that a lot of people in your hometown were so happy about your generosity. It's very important to choose which venue you should take because it's where the big day is happening. Congratulations!

    Hildred Congdon @Crystal Gardens