Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend That Flew By


Happy Monday everyone! Seriously, didn’t the weekend just fly by?

It SNOWED!! And, on Saturday it was so windy that some of the back roads had drifts that not even my trusty little jeep could plough through!!


Friday night started out right! Getting together for our first book club meeting of 2012! It was a small crowd because of the weather but those that were there had a great discussion about our book, The Help. Highly recommended!

Saturday I was up early and cooking 3 pounds of bacon and all the fixings! My parents, Ry’s parents and the two kids came over for breakfast in honor of Bev’s birthday!


After breakfast Ryan took the two kids out for a rip around the fields on the snowmobile! They all looked like little snowmen covered in snow, from the crazy wind they drove through!


The best part of my whole weekend!? FINALLY getting to meet Tanner. My cousin and friend, Stacy and her Hubby Ricky welcomed baby Tanner Cole last week. Of course I had the flu and wasn’t able to visit them in the hospital but I got a good snuggle with him on Saturday! He is so adorable!!! Just love him!


How was your weekend?



  1. Dang, I would say you got some snow!

  2. Now I want pancakes, Lindsay, and I lost my recipe. Yours look yummy.I can't wait to meet Tanner too. Love the table #'s, what a great idea!