Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Clark!


Today isn’t just any ol’Friday! Today is a special day!

1. It’s my brother’s 29th Birthday!

and 2. It’s my nephew/god son/favorite little man’s birthday!

Dear Clark,

Today, at 7:48 AM, you turned 1! It’s unreal how fast a year has passed and how much you have changed!

Clark William Alexander Hamilton 007

Clark William Alexander Hamilton 054

We were reflecting the other night at your Daddy’s birthday dinner that we were still anticipating your arrival! You kept us waiting but we were just impatient. You however know better and wanted to give your Daddy a special birthday gift, a son!

Clark William Alexander Hamilton 030

You are a very special boy and you really resemble your Daddy’s side of the family! You are pretty much the COMPLETE opposite from your sister at this point.

You love to sit and watch the happenings around you. You love snuggles and being with Grandpa. You have the most infections smile! Your blue eyes light up everytime anyone even talks to you. You are a very sensitive little boy and I hope it’s a trait that you keep.

Christmas 047

I have NEVER seen a baby eat as much as you do! It’s like you have a robotic arm that just keeps going to your mouth! ha ha!

Uncle Ryan and I are so blessed not only to be your aunt and uncle but as well as your god parents! We hope we can help guide you spiritually as you continue to grow.

Easter 2011 038

Valentines Babysitting 001

Clarky, we love you ever so much! You are a wonderful boy and we are so proud to call you our nephew! We so look forward to all of the fun times that are to come in the future!

Happy First Birthday!

Jared and Clark

And Happy 29th Jared (we love you too!)


Uncle Ryan and Ti-Ti



  1. Poor Jared - takes the back seat now - happy birthday to both Jared and Clark!

  2. Gosh, Clark is soooooo cute! I think he looks like your dad, Lindsay! Happy Birthday Jared & Clark.