Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wedding Wednesday – Please Raise Your Glasses…


Sorry for the delay! Small towns are great but sometimes the internet isn’t…. 

Happy Wednesday everyone! It is one heck of a weird week as far as weather goes. I mean we are at the middle-end of March and we are hitting temperatures that are sometimes not even seen in the summer? +24-26! Wow!

The beautiful weather has me out walking with Tucker, checking on my gardens and wearing shoes that don’t require any socks…it’s heavenly!

The beautiful weather also has me hoping for a beautiful May (specifically the 12th)! It makes me think of spring and all that is to come.

The actual wedding ceremony is one of my favorite aspects of wedding’s in general. I love watching the groom waiting for his bride and the look on his face when he firsts sees her.

My next favorite aspect of the wedding is the dinner. Let’s be honest, I know a majority of people don’t enjoy having to sit around and listen to speeches but it’s something that I love. I also think in order to make that portion of your wedding you need someone to guide the ship, fill in awkward moments and get the crowd toppling over in laughter.

You need a really great M.C.

That’s something that Ryan and I definitely have. 

This is Pat.

Christmas 016

Seriously the best picture I have! Boo!

I have known Pat and his family for all of my life. My dad still talks about his wedding to his wife Carolyn and the fun time that was had.

Pat actually works here on the Turf Farm and it’s rare that a day doesn’t go by without a few profanities and middle fingers getting thrown back and forth to one another. It’s just what we do. It would be weird it that didn’t happen.

Oddly enough, Pat also has a lot of great advice. Even though Ryan doesn’t know this, there has been a few instances that I have been upset with Ryan and Pat has been the one to calm me down and get me over it.

I’m not sure how this got started but for a long time Ryan has called Pat his brother. It makes Pat quite mad and he would usually answer back, “You are not my brother you no good….”

october 2008 015

Wayne, Pat and Ryan

Pat’s daughter caught on to the joke really quickly and for the last 2-3 years has been calling Ryan and I; Aunt and Uncle. 

Ryan and I were actually really nervous about asking Pat to be our M.C. We headed over to Pat’s house. Immediately, they offered us a drink of the rum they had just brought back from Cuba. Normally, I would decline a drink but I figured it would calm my nerves.

Well, needless to say by the end of the evening they had an empty bottle of rum (between Ryan, myself, Carolyn and Allison) and we had an M.C! 

One thing that is a fact, Pat has a real talent for speaking. He would totally disagree with this point but it’s true. He has a great speaking voice, a boat load of one liners and he knows Ryan and I very well.

The perfect combination for a great M.C!

I am very thankful that Pat agreed to be our M.C. I am sure that our guests will be quite entertained. We know that he is going to do an amazing job and really keep the evening flowing well.

Just don’t tell him any of this stuff, Ok? The meathead’s head is big enough as it is! :-)

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. He will be a great MC! He was the MC for my Uncle Doug and Aunt Karen's wedding (years ago...) and I remember him being so funny!