Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Faith!


The weekend recap will have to wait another day because a very special girl is turning 3 today!

Thanksgiving weekend 029

Dear Faith,

Happy Birthday little buddy!! Uncle Ryan and I were talking this morning about how 3 years ago we were SO excited to meet you. We had a little laugh at all that has happened in the last three years and how fast the time seems to have gone.

You are so active now! You are have recently started putting full sentences together. You are so much more like a little girl rather then a baby. You are constantly making me laugh with all your quick wit. Nana always says how much you remind her of me. You have a mind of your own and you don’t mind letting it be known!

You love princesses, singing and reading. You have an amazing imagination now! You love to play dress up and kitchen. You love to pray for Tucker and you always seem to be worried for his well being.

When I look at  you I feel an overwhelming sense of pride and love! Uncle Ryan and I love you so much! We hope you have an amazing 3rd birthday!


Uncle Ryan & Ti-ti!


Please enjoy one of my favorite all time videos that I have of Faith. She is belting out Gloria.

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