Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wedding Wednesday – Candy Buffet!


Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s been a tough week getting things back on schedule. Between trying to adjust my sleep to a 3 hour difference and getting life back on track. There’s a mountain of laundry still to be done but I am still reminiscing about the trip that passed.

That story will have to wait though because today is Wednesday and that means wedding stuff! Which, by the way, I am not in a shortage to talk about! Things are happening so quickly has far as wedding things go I doubt I will get to everything by May 12th!

The week after we got engaged we flew out to New York city for a small long weekend vacation. It was a blast and we really enjoyed spending that time together as a newly engaged couple.

One of the best things I did on that trip was at the airport. I bought my first wedding magazine and flipped through it, alot! That magazine was Southern Wedding. It was the perfect one for me to pick up because it was flipping through it that I confirmed, yes our wedding with me a country, rustic wedding.

The magazine had so many great ideas and you dog-ear a lot of them but with time you never get to everything. One thing I was POSITIVE would be at our wedding was from this little picture….

A candy buffet!

I know candy buffets are used as often now as wedding cakes but it didn’t matter to me because candy is something that Ryan and I both like. A candy buffet was all up Ryan’s alley and he has been talking about what stuff he wants on it since!

Upon actually wedding planning it was discovered how expensive this candy buffet can be! You need multiple clear jars of different sizes, scoops, signage and of course lots of candy!

Luckily, still being my thrifty self, I began the search early looking for cheaper alternatives. That is when I stumbled upon an add in Kijiji Ottawa. A past bride, who also did a candy buffet, wanted to sell all the jars and scoops for…


Apparently, she wanted to keep all her jars but her husband was sick of them and wanted to get rid of them! I went to visit the next morning and brought them all home!! I think we scored an amazing deal!

A little while ago, I thought it was time to set up all of our jars to take count on how many different kinds of candy we need. It was fun setting up the pretend table and getting a good look at how it will be!

Candy buffet

There are about 13 jars and candy dishes that spell LOVE.

For each jar there is a special metal candy scoop as well!

Candy buffet scoop

I knew we needed some kind of bags that people could use to put the candy in. I searched a lot of stores for this but wasn’t keen on anything I had found.

One day I went online and saw small gift bags, with handles that we would get for CHEAP in our wedding colors, navy and yellow!

Candy buffet bags

I snatched up enough to cover wedding and reception people!

Ryan and I are now starting to figure out what kind of candy we want. I love the look of the whole matching table where the colors of the candy represent your wedding colors.

However, that really limits us to what kind of candy we can get and we both agree, let’s just get the candy that we like and that we know other people will like!

Ryan’s favorite, Swedish Berry’s

My favorite, Reese peanut butter cups.

What’s your favorite kind of candy?

Happy Wednesday!



  1. I LOVE the candy buffet idea!!! So awesome, and you know it won't go to waste because everyone loves candy.

    SWEDISH BERRY's...YUM, my favorite too!!
    I also like cherry blasters, sour patch kids...who am I kidding I like everything haha

    So excited for your big day!

  2. I have to agree with Ryan on the Swedish Berries!!! I'm also a fan of Hot Lips and hard candy sticks or suckers : )

    Can't wait to see this display!

  3. LOVE it! I was DYING to do a candy buffet, but Big A put his foot down and said no way. Ug. I'm still trying to change his mind, but he isn't moving. Boo!

  4. Omigosh, the table is going to look SOOOOOOOOOOOO neat. Love it :-D

  5. I'm a big fan of the candy buffet! I remember Amy's, it was awesome!!
    As I've already told you, Swedish Berries are a fave of mine, as well as the bananas from Runtz...Gobstoppers...Skittles...I could go on! haha!!!

  6. Oh Yes Swedish berries are a big fav... Jill you named all the good candy . I think the dentist will be making alot of money after all the candy we


    A great CANADIAN site to order candy from. Even lets you shop by color. Pretty decently priced.

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