Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekend Wanderings


The weekend that just passed was probably one of the busiest in a long time! It was jam packed it great times.

Friday was so much fun! When a guy from the farm gets married they usually take them on a bus tour back to a local bar for wings and drinks. The good thing about Ryan’s trip? It was a complete surprise!! My brother showed up on our door step at 5:30 PM, handed Ryan and beer (while in his PJ’s) and off the bus went for a good time!

ryans mvt party

Well a few of us girls who either work or the men in our lives work at the farm were not going to just sit at home! So, off we went to the city for supper at Montana’s, where it serves my favorite, PICKLED CAESARS!

pickled caesar

It was such a good supper!! A buffet of appetizers and then beef brisket for me! The discussion was, well….interesting! Jilly expressed her concern for her fish whom might have a tumor or be pregnant. The discussion got “deeper” and ended with a youtube clip of a turtle and a shoe. Wow! ha ha!

Saturday morning I was up early and out the door while my poor (hungover) fianc√© rested. I headed to Jill’s for a pizza lunch and to watch the DVD of Breaking Dawn, Part 1. A little tradition of ours to always watch the DVD together!

After the awesome movie and lunch I headed back home to get ready for a special evening at our local Beach Barn. I had discussed before about how our community is trying to raise funds for a new building. One of those ways is by having a party in honor of a special person from the community!

This year it was in honor the beloved Mae. She is an amazing member of this community. Besides owning and running the communities favorite little chip stand, she is always active in all the events! Supporting every cause!

Vegas camera 050

It was a super fun night with a delicious supper, wine, speeches and after party! I am SO excited to say that the committee had reached their goal on Saturday!! $150,000.00 raised!

Sunday we were all off to church and then had Nancy (our student minister) and her husband over for breakfast. It was a great visit and we were able to also go over wedding details, very exciting!

Monday of course I was off of work so I headed over to visit a very special birthday girl yesterday!!

Vegas camera 146

Vegas camera 164

She was so excited and really enjoyed her special lunch, cupcakes and presents!!

I still can’t believe she is 3 already!

How was your weekend?



  1. Oh Friday night was so so so much fun!! I still don't know what's wrong with my fish, but that video of the turtle and the Croc made my night! haha!!

    Hope Faith had a wonderful birthday!! :)

  2. Ok, we need the link to the video! Thanks for breakfast, it was delicious, I love how you all pitched in to help. It was fun going over the wedding service plans. Whoo hoo! I can't believe Faith is three!