Monday, March 19, 2012

Tea, Birthdays and Hockey!


Happy Monday everyone! The weekend sure did pass by again in a blink! It was a pretty special weekend since it was Ryan’s 30th birthday!

The weekend started out by making two loaves of cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches for the Irish Tea.

St.Patty's 5

Last year, the young ladies of our United Church got together to put on an Irish Tea. This year it was decided that we would continue with another tea this year.

St.Patty's 1

It was a great success yet again this year! I especially liked our youngest member, Tanner. I got to sneak in LOTS of snuggles with him.

St.Patty's 2

Being that Saturday was St.Patrick's day, I broke out my green gear and shamrocks for the day!

St.Patty's 3

Tucker did too!

St.Patty's 4

Early Saturday afternoon Ryan and I hit the road on our way to a special birthday supper at Wild Wings.

On our way down to the city we received the CUTEST video birthday message from Faith. You REALLY need to check it out.

My big leprechaun was excited to have some green beer on his big 3-0 birthday!

St.Patty's 6

After supper we headed to the Scotiabank place for Senators vs. Leafs game!

I wore my trusted leafs jersey and Ryan wore his brand new Ottawa jersey, a birthday gift from me.

St.Patty's 7

It was a great game. Worse seats I have ever sat in (last row of the nose bleeds) but had to be one of the most fun!! Our section was pretty rowdy!

St.Patty's 8

Unfortunately, for the birthday boy, the Senators lost 3-1 against the leafs. (Woo hoo!)

Sunday morning Ryan was off to hockey and I headed to church. I was all by myself in the pew this Sunday but really enjoyed the World Day of Prayer service.

For supper I had made too much and Dad came over for supper and told us all about their weekend trip away. After supper, being that the weather has been so nice (+20) we took our rocking chairs out of the garage. We sat and enjoyed our first rock of the season, pure bliss!!

How was your weekend?