Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Newborn Photos


Happy Wednesday everyone! I feel as though Sam and I are starting to have some sort of routine. He eats around 5-5:30 every morning and then goes back to sleep till around 8. It is during those couple of hours that I get “me’ time. I usually get in a small work out, shower, get ready for the day and then slowly sip on a coffee while I play around on my lap top. It’s those 2 hours that keep me feeling like me! I know that in those 2 hours I could get SO much house work done but instead I chose to relax and do what I want. It then allows me to be all about everyone else for the rest of the day.

Today as I sip on my coffee I realized that I had yet to shared some of our newborn photos with you. As you know we got some maternity pictures taken and I love them! The wonderful Lena from Lena B photography did a great job! I was very much looking forward to capturing some moments as a new family and some baby pictures while Sam was still very little!

I had a whole slew of Pinterest ideas where this sleepy baby is looking all calm and peaceful. I figured because Sam had been such a sleepy baby up to this point it wouldn’t be a problem! Well, it was the first time that Sam demonstrated to us that it is now all about him and sometimes things don’t go as planned!



Those peaceful and serene pictures? They are REALLY hard work and you need a very good and quick photographer to capture moments of “peace”. Thankfully, Lena is just that and she was able to capture some pretty great moments! Looking back on these now about 2 months later, I can’t help but tear up as I remember those first few days of “newness”. It was the first moments as a family of three and I am so glad to have pictures of Sam when he was so little. 

Here are just a sample of a few of my favourites…







Telling us what he really thinks about getting his picture taken…



(During this picture Sam pooped ALL over Ryan, ha ha! That’s real life!)










Happy Wednesday!



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures! My husband wasn't all about naked baby photos, which is fine because I was so afraid of Jeanette having a blowout. Her umbilical cord fell off at the beginning of our session and she bled all over the only white onesie I brought with me. Thank God for photoshop!

  2. Thanks for posting these, they captured precious memories for the three of you. Blessings.

  3. They turned out great!!! We took our own newborn pics too!!! Our photo ideas as far as our hospital stay and first home didn't happen at all the way I planned IF they happened at all!! Best c'est la vie!!

  4. Love all of them! Such a cute family :)