Friday, May 30, 2014

Nursery Reveal


Happy Friday everyone! I hope your week has passed by super quickly!

I was sitting last night feeding Sam in his nursery and thinking that I had yet to share the room with all of you! I wanted to wait until the baby was born to share with you the nursery as there were some things to add to the room that we needed the baby for. Like pictures and hand prints!

It was tough to design a baby nursery when we didn’t know the gender of our baby. Everything is stores that we liked was gender specific! I have never been a fan of “themed” rooms because we wanted this rooms design to suit this baby as well as the possibility of any other children down the road. Something that may be popular now, may not be in years from now!

A long time ago I had pinned this picture because I loved what it represented! While I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie Dumbo, I clearly remember this scene and song. In fact, now I can’t even listen to it without bursting in tears. If you feel like a little cry this morning, please feel free to watch this video.


So, I saved the picture and got it printed on a large canvas at Wal-Mart and decided to use for the inspiration for the colors in the room.

So without further adieu, the nursery! 


Sign we received as gift after Sam was born.


As you enter the room.


View from the window


View from the crib


After Sam was born we did a hand and foot print to hang on his wall. The frames we received as a shower gift.

The thing about this room is that it is small and it doesn’t have a closet! I knew storage was going to be a problem and I had to get creative about keeping things organized and neat! Here is what I did to help battle the small room problem.

Ikea spice racks that we painted white to use to hold all the books that we received as gifts. 



We didn’t have room in this small space for both a dresser/hutch AND a change table. I inherited this cabinet that was used as my great-great grandmothers kitchen cupboard. It was filthy and needed a few repairs (where the white curtain is, there was a missing door and broken shelves). I thought it could work for both a changing station and to hold clothes!

I found some large baskets from Michaels that fit the top of the cabinet perfectly! It holds all of our diapering supplies. Inside the top cupboards I store the sleepers, receiving blankets, pants and onsies. I have to be very careful to only keep the clothes that fit Sam now! I rotate the clothes as he grows out of them. We don’t have enough space to store all his clothes including the ones he hasn’t grown into yet.


Underneath the curtain (sewn by me), Dad and Ryan had repaired and installed a custom clothing rod that holds outfits, shirts, sweaters and special outfits. The side drawers holds everything else.


It was important to me that the crib be small and not bulky. I knew I did not want a transitional crib as I feared it would look too large for such a small space. We found this nice crib from Target for a great price! It can turn into a toddler bed which is an extra bonus. It was important to me that our crib sit high enough above the floor so that I could have extra storage.

Crib skirt found on and grey/white polka dot fitted crib sheet (it has a matching warm blanket) from Target.


I found these nice LARGE baskets that fit under the crib perfectly (Ryan might of flipped when he realized they were $40 each..woops! ha ha!) that store extra diapers, blankets and some other clothes in the next size up!


I was pretty picky when it came to the glider. I didn’t want something that I couldn’t use later somewhere else. I didn’t want the traditional chair and found this one online at The only problem, they don’t have them in Canada. So, on the weekend that Ryan and I spent shopping in the states, we picked it up! It has proved to be one of the best purchases. It is SO comfortable and sturdy! If I had one piece of advice for an expectant mother, get a good chair! You’ll be sitting in it ALOT!


I needed something for a small lamp and to hold supplies beside the chair! Again, it had to have storage but couldn’t be too bulky! I found this cute nightstand at Ikea (the lamp as well). It was inexpensive and it is REALLY sturdy! The basket was a shower gift which perfect holds some of Sam’s toys!


When you don’t have a lot of square footage in a room you have to use all the available space that you have! That’s why I decided to get some shelves that would sit nice and high above the chair/night stand. It’s high enough that a child cannot grab at the breakable stuff! Each shelf was only $20 at Ikea. They are sturdy and are able to hold all the special keepsakes that Sam received as gifts. The picture frame on the wall was a shower gift and holds a couple special pictures from our newborn shoot.


It’s a small room but I spent so much time thinking about how to make it work for our baby. After it was mostly done, I would spend so much time sitting in the glider thinking about the baby that was growing in my belly. It was such a special room to design and now that it is filled with Sam’s items, it feels complete!

Happy Friday!



  1. I love the crib and the fact that you used antique furniture. The dresser in our daughters room belonged to my husbands Great Aunt Jeanette, who we named our daughter after. I thought it fitting to have the dresser in her room.

    I still need to put up pictures of the nursery on my blog, I'm only 4 months late on that one!

  2. Good call on the glider! I'm sure you have spent a lot of time there. We had a rocking chair from when Alex was a baby, but it was one of those old wooden ones. Not very comfortable. So, I decided to upgrade. I'm so glad I did. I can't imagine sitting in an uncomfortable chair at 2 in the morning. Love his room!

  3. Love the glider!!! Soo cute!!! Love how you made the space work! I'm sure the little guy will love it! Great inspiration piece!!

  4. It was tough to design a baby nursery when we didn't know the gender of our baby. ...