Friday, May 23, 2014

Year of Dates 2014–April


Happy Friday everyone! I hope your week has flown by! It kind of has here since it’s a short week. But honestly, since being at home with Sam the days do fly by for us! There is always something to do and I usually have a self made to-do list that keeps me busy!

I wanted to share with you all and proudly announce that we did complete our April date! It was one that I was worried about and not confident that we would complete. When I opened the envelope on April 1st we didn’t know when the baby would be arriving! We vowed to do this date early in case the baby came! In fact, our plans were to do it that weekend! Well turns out those plans got thrown out the window because Sam arrived on THURSDAY April 3. So, the date got postponed a little bit but we got it done!



April’s month was for Ryan to plan! I had no idea what low key date he would plan! We both agreed that ESPECIALLY for April our date had to be at home and low key!

It says, “Hey there my yummy mommy, its just about time that we will be proud parents of something!!! So I’m guessing right now you are pretty uncomfortable to do a whole lot, so why not sit back relax on the downstairs couch, put your feet up and get all cozy? I’ll go grab us some Pizza Pizza, dipping sauce and of course their wings too. We will slap in a dvd and have a movie night in Beachgrove!!!!!! Love you always, Your Hubby”

The man sure does know me!! If we were to have ANY take out pizza, Pizza Pizza is my favourite!

A couple of weeks after Sam arrived we decided it was time for our date! Ryan was true to his word and went to pick up our treat and got it all set up for us in the basement!


The view from our dining area was great! We were ready for our own relaxing night!


We decided to rent a paperview movie off of the T.V. Neither of us had seen American Hustle and decided it was a good choice!


Well, I can’t say either of us really enjoyed the movie all that much. By the end of it we both looked at each other and wondered what the point was! ha ha! But, it really didn’t matter! It was a quiet night in together with ZERO interruptions!


Well there was one distraction but we timed it so that our date was in between his feedings! But as we were new parents we wanted him to stay close so we set up his bassinet right beside us by the couch!


Our first date as parents, wow! We have been counting down the days till this happened! It’s not hard to see how easy it is to forget about each other with a new littler person in our lives. His wants and needs obviously take big priority over our own. In fact, there are many days that pass by where Ryan and I barely interact besides when it has to do with Sam. Our lives literally revolve around him. Now it is more important then ever that we still set out time for eachother and for our marriage. Not only does it make us better partners but better parents too. Looking forward to next month!

Hope you have a good weekend!


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  1. You and Ryan are so wonderful as spouses and parents! I am so delighted to have been part of your journey, looking forward to the next step, baptism!