Friday, May 16, 2014

Samuel–1 Week


Written April 10, 2014

It’s hard to believe that Sam is one week old. When I woke up this morning I mentioned to Ryan that we had kept a baby alive for almost one whole week! That in its self is a task I wasn’t sure we could manage. But truthfully, it has been a wonderful week. I plan on doing a monthly update of our little man but I wanted to start the updates off with mentioning things that happened on the first week! It’s been a week of highs and lows. A week of teaching and learning. This was our “babymoon”.


Some Stats:

Baby boy you were born weighing in at 8 lbs and 8 oz, 20.5 inches long, 37 cm around the head and 36 cm around the head.

When we were discharged from the hospital on April 5th, you weighed in at 7 lbs 14 oz.

The nurse came to check up on us on April 9th and you were 7 lbs and 15 oz.


You don’t have a lot of hair but the bit that you do have is very dark brown. Your complexion is a beautiful soft pink. Your eyes are a very dark grey and we think you’ll have Mommy’s brown eyes. The rest of you Mommy finds looks like Daddy. Everyone agrees you have my nose! You seem to change just the slightest bit every day! It’s amazing to see how much you have changed in just a week!



You are in perfect health! From the moment you were born to every check up since, every health care professionals has had nothing but good news for this new Mommy and Daddy! It really is music to our ears. The nurse was a little concerned on April 9th about how little weight you have gained since you were discharged. She is coming back to check again on April 11 and Mommy has been trying to stuff you full!


Mostly we have been calling you “Sam” but when Mommy sings to you she throws in a “Sammy”. Daddy calls you “Buddy” and Mommy has been calling you “Mutton”, “Munchkin” or “Monkey Butt”.


Your small little bum is in Newborn size diapers! We thought we wouldn’t need anymore then what we had bought before you arrived but you still need the smaller size.

For the most part we put you into size 0-3 month clothing but you fit best in newborn size and I am enjoying putting you in the newborn size sleepers while they still fit you! For ease you are mostly in sleepers all day and night! We always have a little hat on you as well and a muslin blanket to swaddle you in!


Our local hospital really promotes and pushes for breastfeeding. It was something that I wanted to attempt in the first place but was never putting any pressure on myself. I know that some people love it and some people hate it. I have to say besides a couple rough starts, I am really enjoying it! I am one of the lucky ones who’s milk has easily come in and for that I am very thankful. It’s been kind of nice to be breastfeeding. Towards the end of your first week Mommy was feeling very good and starting doing stuff around the house. The best part is that when you get hungry, Mommy has no choice but to stop and feed you. It’s really nice to take that break and bond with you and not worry about a little task that I thought “needed” to get done that very second! Snuggling against your naked skin after you belly is full is one of Mommy’s favourite things!



I think your journey into the world tired you out because the first 2-3 days all you did was sleep! You wouldn’t even want to wake up to eat. Later in the week you sleep for about 2-3 hours and then wake up to feed. We had a one really rough night when we first got home and Mommy and Daddy were up all night with you. Thankfully, it hasn’t happened since.


Eating, sleeping and being snuggled! You love to be toasty warm! We have also noticed that love to move! If we just try to hold you while sitting, you fuss. But get moving and it will almost instantly settle you!


Getting your diaper changed, sitting still, Mommy’s left breast (long story) and being naked!


Mommy had a fairly long labour but honestly she feels great. Recovery is hard because she hates to feel useless. Mommy is suddenly very fearful of something happening to you! She is constantly trying to feel if you are breathing!

Mommy had a little case of the “baby blues” on April 8-9. She actually doesn’t like that name because she wasn’t “blue”, just emotional. She could cry at a drop of a hat whether it was something sad or happy. Sometimes she would cry for no reason at all. Thankfully, it didn’t last long.

Mommy is also amazed by how her body has rebounded since giving birth! The belly is mostly gone and she can easily wear her pre-pregnancy shirts. She hasn’t been brave enough to try on any pants. A week post-pregnancy and Mommy is down to her pre-pregnancy weight.



Daddy has been an amazing help this week. He was the one who got to reveal to Mommy that you were a boy! He has taken the week off to help with you while Mommy recovers. He has been doing all the laundry, cooking and cleaning!

Daddy has yet to change a dirty diaper but Mommy is working on his hesitation and confidence.

Truthfully, Daddy is getting a little stir crazy being around the house the first week and might be looking forward to getting back to work. Mommy isn’t. She’ll probably cry her eyes out. When Mommy is feeding you in your nursery, Daddy will come into the room just to sit and chat. Mommy will miss the company.

Mommy never thought she could love your Daddy anymore then she already did. But another piece of her heart opened up when she first saw him hold you. She falls more and more in love with him as he evolves into becoming a Daddy.


Milestones this week and things we want to remember:


- Getting to meet so many special people! 


- Coming home! Settling in at home and meeting Tucker for the first time. This also involved your first car ride which was VERY stressful!



- It’s a Hamilton family tradition to have a “it’s a” sign out by the highway on our business sign! It was exciting to see the one that someone from the farm had put up for you!


- First night home. Every one slept so well except Mommy. She kept waking up thinking there would be something wrong with you or that you had stopped breathing.

- Your first all nighter…yippee!

- Getting a little tour of the farm. You went to the shop and office for the first time. You also joined the shop boys for lunch and they surprised you with some beautiful flowers.


- Mommy’s milk finally came in and we are both so much happier!

- You went to your first visit to Nana and Grandpa’s house on April 10th. It was a relaxing morning and Mommy barely held you at all! ha ha 

- First visit from the nurse on April 9th.


Dearest Sam,

Baby, we did it. We kept you alive for one week. Don’t laugh, Mommy and Daddy are new at this whole “parenthood” gig. I’ve been joking saying that you are the teacher and we are the students but it’s true! You know exactly what you want and Mommy and Daddy are learning more everyday as to how to figure that out.

I hope you don’t think Mommy’s tears have anything to do with you. She is SO happy you are here and truly LOVES being your mother. It has also been amazing to watch your Daddy turn into a parent. I knew he would be good but I couldn’t imagine a better Daddy for you. His whole face lights up when he sees you do something new. We both can sit and watch you for hours!

I have to apologize now for any mistakes we may have made. We are new at this and are trying to figure out works for all 3 of us and not following what “the book” says.

Munchkin, this week has flown by and I am sure that I am missing SO much. It has honestly felt like I have entered a new world. I sometimes sit and laugh at how different my life looked just 7 short days ago.  7 days ago Mommy was getting a pedicure and getting some shopping done. Now, her whole world revolves around you! You are what is on her mind 24/7 and I am sure that will never change!

Daddy and I feel beyond blessed to be given the chance to be the parents to you. You are honestly our greatest accomplishment to date. We thank god everyday to have been given to chance to be your parents. To get to meet you and watch you grow up. Your arrival into our lives has really changed ours for the better and we just want to thank you for making us a family.

We love you so much and promise to do our best to provide for you the life that you deserve. We want to promise to do everything in our power to raise you right and make sure you never doubt for one second our love for you.

Love always,

Mommy and Daddy





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