Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Recap: My First Mother’s Day!


Happy Monday everyone! I hope where ever you are reading from that you are getting some of the beautiful sunshine that we have experienced over the last couple of days. It was a glorious weekend around here which means busy season for the farm but I don’t even care. I just love being outside!

The weekend started out on Friday night by packing up and heading to one of my best friends place for a surprise! Amanda’s husband had contacted a bunch of her friends and invited them over for a surprise birthday night! I always hate keeping something from Amanda so I avoided talking to her for 2 days! ha ha!

Sam and I arrived (Ryan was working late) and settled in! It was nice to just sit around and chat with the girls. They all took turns getting some snuggles in with Sam so I sat back and enjoyed a glass of wine! Adult talk and wine all in one evening? This Momma was in heaven! It was also nice to introduce Sam to some girls who hadn’t gotten a chance to meet him yet!


Amanda’s husband brought out all the stops! Supper, wine and birthday cake!

Amanda about to blow out her candles!


But as always, the best part was visiting with the girls! One of them I haven’t seen since Amanda’s wedding and it was so nice to catch up!


Ryan and I had to duck out a little earlier then we normally would but Sam needed to get settled at home and in bed. #parentslife

It was a good thing that we did head to bed early with Sam because the next morning Ryan and I had to head into work! Sam joined me and my Dad at the office while Ryan went on the truck to deliver product! May and June are very busy months and I am going to work (with Sam) every other Saturday. It’s mostly local people who come in to buy product and they were excited to come and see the baby as well! Have I mentioned how much I love my small town?

For the rest of Saturday Ryan and I were feeling tired and lazy so that is exactly what we did! Watched two movies, made homemade pizza, played with our boy and went to bed early.

Have I mentioned that for 4 days in a row Sam had SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT and so when I woke up with the sunshine on Sunday I was feeling fantastic! It was my first Mother’s Day and I just felt so blessed as I head Sam starting to stir in the playpen beside me.

Daddy got up and placed Sam in bed with us with my Mommy’s Day gift and card! A gift to go get my flowers for pots on the porch!


The three of us (LOVE saying that, we are a family!) got ready for church and my parents came over early so I could give Mom her Mother’s Day gift! My Auntie Debbie also came over for coffee before church and we all had a good time visiting! Not to mention laughing at the crazy sisters who wore the same outfit to church! Ha ha! They always do funny stuff like this together! It was embarrassing when I was a teenager but now I love their funny antics!


I was surprised at church when the beautiful Maddy greeted me with a little bag of homemade cookies that she and her Mommy, Stacy had made for the Mommies and even the non-mommies! It was so thoughtful and delicious too! 


After church we had some breakfast with my parents and then headed to Ryan’s parents for a visit! We got to give Ryan’s Mom her Mother’s Day gift from us and from Sam and then had a nice visit with them! Ryan is still cautious about diaper changes but I know if I ask him to change Sam in front of people that he will do it! You bet that while we were at his parents I asked him to take the turn to change Sam and he did! Ha ha!

The rest of the day we actually got to work on getting all of our pool stuff cleaned and set out! It’s one of our favourite hangout spots in the summer and it is now ready for us to sit out there and enjoy! Sam got his first glance of the pool area!

That night my boys made me a spaghetti supper with all the trimmings and then we all headed to bed after a busy weekend!

I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend but this one was especially wonderful because I got to enjoy my first Mother’s Day! I have a whole new appreciation this year for what being a Mother means! I look at my Mom and all the other Moms that I know with an understanding for all that they do! They are my hero’s!

Today marks 2 years since Ryan and I have been married! It is hard to believe that two years ago I was getting ready for my wedding and today I am sitting beside our son! I wouldn’t change anything over the last two years and I am so blessed to get to spend everyday with someone I would consider my best friend!

I love you very much Ryan!


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!



  1. Glad to hear you had an amazing Mother's Day!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful first mother's day!

  3. Holy cow, 2 years really? Wow!!! and Happy Mother's Day as well :)