Monday, May 26, 2014

Weekend Recap–Canada Day Golf Tournament 2014


Happy Monday everyone! As Ryan and I sat down to supper last night we both agreed that we SO look forward to spring/summer and then when it gets here you try SO hard to fill it with so many fun things! I feel as though Canada Day Golf Tournament is one of those events and it kind of kicks off the beginning of the busy summer weekends for me.

Friday night Ryan, Sam and I headed our separate ways. Ryan went to the hall to help set up for the upcoming festivities and Sam and I headed to Portage for a Liberal Party fundraising dinner. It was Sam’s first political event outside the womb (we pre-voted before he was born) and I was excited to show him off to some of the people that have watched me grow with my pregnancy!


Sam with our MNA Andre Fortin.

Saturday morning we all got up and got ready to head to the course to begin the busy and fun day! We were all decked out in our golf gear which includes Ryan’s Canada golf pants!


We grabbed a quick breakfast at the club and Sam got to enjoy some snuggles with friends and fellow committee members Wayne and Brenda!


The day was looking beautiful and the sun was shining by the time the first golfers teed off!

This is the first year in a long time that I didn’t golf and instead Sam and I sat at the registration table. To be honest, I actually enjoyed it because when I’m out of the course I don’t get to see everyone! This way I was able to chat with everyone as they came in! Sam was very good and took a bottle that I had pumped that morning which meant I only had to escape once to feed him.

Ryan and I headed home after being at the course all day (8-4) and got ready for the evening festivities! As always, it was a delicious steak dinner and I hung out in the kitchen for a bit to help with anything that was needed.

Some of the locals that read my blog will know about some of the controversy around the building of our new community centre. There are some people that aren’t in favour and there are even some people who don’t think it is needed! I wish those people could see the swarm of people in the hall trying to raise money for our Canada Day Festivities. I also wish those people against the idea of a new hall could see this spot in the kitchen that I captured on my phone. A pan underneath a bulging ceiling tile to collect the water! The little village of Quyon needs and deserves a beautiful new hall to help host all of their wonderful events! I am so looking forward to the day it happens!


Because I missed a feeding for Sam I was able to again pump a FULL bottle for the evening. Ryan and his helper Julia gave it to Sam. I am so excited that Sam is starting to get use to a bottle. While I still much prefer breastfeeding him as it is more comfortable, I am excited at the thought that occasionally he will take a bottle and I can have a few hours to myself.


The party ended early for Sam and I this year as we were home and in bed by 9. Sam slept like a CHAMP that night from the busy day he had!

The next morning Sam and I left Ryan sleep in as he stayed at the hall and we headed to my parents place for pre-church coffee and visit.

After church we were back at my place where Ryan had turned on the BBQ to start our hotdog lunch by the pool! We are trying to get out and enjoy as many meals at the pool as possible! The only down fall is that the bugs (black flies AND mosquito’s) are so bad that it makes it impossible to actually enjoy yourself!

After lunch Ryan and I got our work clothes on! Sam napped away in his stroller while Ryan worked on the yard and I finished planting my flower pots and planted the veggie garden! Getting my pots and gardens planted has to be one of my most favourite spring activities!



To clean off some of the dirt we took our first swim in our pool! It had to be quick though because we were getting eaten ALIVE by the blackflies! Blah!

The weekend went by in a blink, which seems to be the case with every weekend in the summer! It’s so nice to be able to spend so much time outside in the fresh air whether it be for community events, golfing, gardening, swimming or just sitting back and enjoying the warm air! Looking forward to many more summer weekends ahead!

How was your weekend?



  1. Love Ry's outfit . Sam looking like Ry in the pic of him feeding him .Ry looked like that when he was a baby .

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend! It was Memorial Day weekend here but we didn't do too much. Had a cookout with the in-laws on Saturday, the hubby worked Sunday so Jeanette and I spent time with my parents and today we ran all of our errands and the hubby planted my flowers :)