Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014


Happy Monday everyone and welcome to November! The time is flying by! Today my baby is 7 months old (update to come)! It just baffles me that he has gotten so old already!

I have to apologize for the random bloggy break! It was unexpected for me too. A lot of paperwork stuff for the farm was due at the end of October and I had to get it done! So any time that I had during nap times was taken up by paperwork! Blah! Trust me, I wanted to write so bad! I had things on my mind that I wanted to get written down!

I have to start the week off with a wonderful update from our Halloween! Although Sam is too young to really understand what is going on, Ryan and I enjoyed our roles as parents during the holiday. It’s a time where traditions start and it is now a wonderful memory for us!

Halloween has always been one of my favourites! It’s a pretty close second to Christmas. Ryan and I are adults now but when it comes to holidays, we are like children! We started Halloween off with our annual pumpkin carving! It is something we have done together since we started dating! This year was extra special as we had a little helper there! Sam though it was hilarious and fascinating! He really wanted to get his fingers into the pumpkin guts! 

Halloween (7)

Halloween (12)

Sam even got his own little pumpkin carved!

Halloween (18)

Halloween (26)

Halloween day I was so excited! Our candy bags were all packed, pumpkins were carved and our costumes were ready! Sam’s first costume of the day was his skeleton PJS! Last year for Halloween I wore a pregnancy skeleton shirt and it’s amazing the difference a year will make!

halloween 1

Sam thankfully had a great afternoon nap and when he woke up it was time to get ready! When we were in Nova Scotia this summer, we found some cute Sou’wester hats and decided then and there what our Halloween costumes would be! Sam was our catch, a lobster and Ryan and I were the fishermen.

Halloween (4)

We had so much fun going to Sam’s grandparents and a few friends. He stayed in good spirits through it all! And it was so much fun for us as well! We loved showing off our cute crustacean.

halloween 2 

We were home early so that Sam could go to bed and then settled in with a Halloween feast of snack foods for supper! We turned on a scary movie from Netflix (The Mist it was called) and enjoyed the rest of our Halloween night!

halloween 3

The night went all too fast but Ryan and I made some great memories as first time parents! It is really true what they say, holidays are SO much more fun when you have a little one to enjoy it with!

How was your Halloween?



  1. That has to be, hands down, the cutest lobster I've ever seen!

  2. Love your costumes! Sam makes the cutest lobster ever :)

  3. Such a cute family. Nice start to the traditions.