Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Christmas Photo’s


Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope that you are having a great week! I am forcing the days to slow down and as I was talking with Ryan last night, it sure feels like January has lasted FOREVER! I am not complaining though! Even though I HATE winter, I am enjoying this one with Sam.

Ryan and I started mailing Christmas cards to friends and family after we got married. We may not send a lot out but I love to send a little Christmas cheer in the mail! Last year was the first year that our card was customized with a picture! It was of our sonogram and I loved it! I knew that Christmas 2014 would mean that we would have our baby and I knew that I wanted to do another customized card.


My friend and sister-in-law Melissa had the genius suggestion that we meet and get family pictures done! We would get some beautiful pictures done and split the cost! DEAL! I couldn’t wait to get some updated pictures of us and was hoping there would be a nice picture to use for our card! She suggested her friend and photographer that I had never gotten pictures done with but she did wonderful! So patient with us and the sometimes cranky kiddos! Ha ha!

Here are some of my favourites!

Sam with his cousin Sophie that we got blown up on a canvas for Ryan’s parents.



One of the pictures for our card.


The other for our Christmas card




And some real life pictures! Sometimes a 6 month old just doesn’t want to smile for the camera! HA ha! That’s real life!



I loved the way they turned out, Thank you to Michelle Hamel Photography. I love having some updated pictures of our boy and us as a family.



  1. Love the pictures in the wagon! We just had Jeanette's one year photos taken on Saturday and I cannot wait to see them!

  2. Haha i love the one with the 4 of ya's walking with your backs to the camera - Sam looks bored or something!

  3. Gorgeous shots! When the post came up in my feed, I was like ah she's pregnant! Then I looked closer at the year :)