Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas 2014


Hey everyone!! I can’t believe that Christmas is over for another year! I’m pretty sad about it! It was such a wonderful Christmas holiday and I don’t want it to be over! I’ve loved having my family all together everyday for an extended period of time!

We had a great Christmas, from start to finish! It all started on Christmas Eve where we got dressed up in our best clothes and headed to church. The service was passed Sam’s bedtime but he did really well throughout the whole thing. As soon as we got home we set our milk and cookies out for Santa and then put Sam to bed. As per tradition, my parents stayed and we had Christmas Eve drinks and munchies before headed to bed.


I was up before the whole house on Christmas morning. I was shocked that Sam was still sleeping (it was already 6:30) so I just laid in bed and thought about the fact that this is the first Christmas to celebrate with my baby. It was the beginning of many exciting years to come.

Finally, it was time to wake up! And Sam was “excited” to see that Santa had stopped at our house! Sam’s stocking was at the end of his crib filled with stuff! 


My parents arrived shortly after and we all headed to our bedroom with our stockings (we exchange names with my parents for stockings) and coffee. It was fun to see who had everyone’s stocking! It has started to be one of my newest favourite traditions. This year I had my Dad and my Mom had me!

christmas (4)

We are very slow on Christmas, we like to sit back and enjoy the moment. Everyone takes their turn to open gifts so that we can watch their reaction. It was mid morning by the time we headed downstairs to the tree. And the good news is that Santa even went to the basement!

christmas (9)

Ryan and I knew that Sam would have no idea what was going on this year so we kept presents for our boy to things that we bought used and necessities like PJs and food.

Sam in his new wagon!

christmas (11)

Sam went down for his afternoon nap while Ryan and I cleaned up and got ready for Christmas with his family! We were excited to get to his parents to see everyone. Sam’s cousin Sophie is about 6 months older then him and they have really started to interact with each other! We are going to have a lot of fun in years to come at future family gatherings. 


Sam was spoiled by everyone and we are so thankful for all the special gifts that he (and us as well) received! Overall, it was an amazing day filled with fun and family! It’s amazing to think of all the amazing Christmas’ that are in our future!


Boxing day was a nice quiet day at home. We got to open and play with all of our new belongings. Finding homes for all our new stuff was on the agenda for the day! It was fun to open something and then try it out for the first time! Sam was having so much fun with his new toys!

Ryan and I played checkers during Sam’s nap!



First wagon ride!


That night we settled in with leftover munchies from Christmas eve and a hockey game! It was to perfect ending to an exciting holiday!


How was your Christmas?



  1. Looks like you had an awesome Christmas and look at little Sam!! He looks like such a little man already!!! Ahh time goes by soo fast!!! Glad Sam had a great first Christmas!! Happy New Year!!

  2. Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas! It's crazy to me that this was our last kid free Christmas and next year's will be very different!!