Friday, January 30, 2015

Random 5 Pregnancy Things On This Friday!


SAY WHAT? No, I’m not pregnant. But I had to laugh this Friday as I was going through old drafts. Two of which were pregnancy related posts that I had started that I never got finished because Sam arrived! So on this Friday, I figured I would share a few of those pregnancy things!

1. I had started writing little notes about third trimester! It vividly brought back how it felt to have that big ol’ bellly! Here are some third trimester thoughts I had wanted to share:

- You calculate your every move! If I drop a pen…you better believe I need another reason to pick it up before I bend down to get it!

- Sign up for a Day care spot in the second trimester..

- Farts are unexpected. Really, they aren’t so embarrassing after a while.

- Nothing is sexier then a woman waddling around, sweating and trying not to pee your pants.

Ryan: Ya I am so sore from sledding all day. I’m waddling like you do now! – death stare

2. It was no secret that I didn’t LOVE being pregnant. I loved the outcome but I was never a huge fan of actually being pregnant. Somehow this morning I looked back on these photos and it made me smile and SORT OF KIND OF JUST A LITTLE BIT..made me miss the belly. It brought back the pre-Sam memories and it made me think how excited I was to learn if it was going to be a boy or girl!


New folder13

3. As you may all remember from my birth story, the day before Sam’s birthday I had gone to get a pedicure! I jokingly insisted that they try to hit all those labor inducing pressure points! It obviously worked but what I didn’t mention was that was one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life (yes, labor included). Sam was so low it was SO hard to sit in that position for long and lifting my feet at that angle was so sore. I was a sweaty mess by the end of it.

16 weeks 2

4. The weekend before I had Sam I had to find something respectable to wear and go out in public as it was my nephew and godsons dedication day. I felt LARGE and in charge. My trusty black maternity shirt was stretching to the limit! As you can see by the white tank poking through! Again, another super uncomfortable day. I remember vividly getting up to use the bathroom every 15 minutes and actually fighting with my niece to let me pee first! Proud moment right there! ha ha! Right after the service we had a get together at my brothers but you better believe that as soon as it was acceptable, I was back into my husbands joggers and tee!


5. A couple people have mentioned how great I looked when Sam was born. Truth be told, I shared only the best one. In reality I was EXHAUSTED after 2 hours of pushing. In the picture you can’t see below my waist where the doctor spent another 2 hours stitching. The photo below also doesn’t show the makeup that I applied about 12 hours before (HA HA HA!). But it does show my dark bags under my eyes, pale face, sweaty hair, blood on my sports bra. The other thing it shows? The happiest moment of my life and the most beautiful baby boy I had ever got to finally meet.


Happy Friday!


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  1. Between reading this, and my baby sitting here beside me sleeping and my sister in law having her baby yesterday and watching the movie What to Expect when You're Expecting... I'm a big blubbering mess today. ha! :)