Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Samuel–9 Months


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Operation fatten up Sammy, worked! At his last appointment (at 8.5 months) he was 19.5 pounds and 71 cm long. This last month he is getting SO much better at eating himself and the pot belly has grown! He still doesn’t have any rolls but I don’t think he ever will. He’ll be long and lanky!


I can’t believe how fast my little dude can grow out of clothes. We started packing away some of his 9 month clothing and now 50% of the stuff Sam wears is 12 month. The 12 month PJ’s are getting smaller but I think we can get the rest of the month out of them. Still in size 4 diapers and size 4 shoes.



It was a rough month (as usual) with sleep. Just as I had come to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t have a full nights sleep again, a Christmas miracle happened! The week before and after Christmas, Sam slept through the night! It was a glorious time but then we left for the cottage and he started waking up again.

Sam is still amazing at naps. 1 hour in the morning and 2-3 hours in the afternoon! He is very good at putting himself to sleep too. I’m very glad that I don’t have to rock or nurse him to sleep. He just wants to roll around in his crib for a while and then will drift off to sleep on his own.



This month was far easier then last for breastfeeding. Still going strong. At this point, I feel like we are going to make it a year! Sam has dropped a nursing session and is down to 4 feeds. 1 in the morning, after morning nap, after afternoon nap and at bedtime. I have started pumping more as well to continue with increasing my freezer stock.

Sam is getting a little pickier as far as solid foods. He isn’t a fan of anything cold! All purees have to be warm and all other food has to be warm too. Right now he gets some purees for breakfast, lunch and supper. After each meal of purees, he gets other food on his tray to nibble on. His favourite is toast with peanut butter (Nova Scotia brown bread!), pasta and banana’s. He also has a sippy cup of water that he gets after each meal to have a bit of.



My long and lanky boy with his big brown eyes that melt my heart all the time. He hardly looks like a baby anymore but I find recently he is looking more like his Daddy.

His hair has grown a lot this month and it is getting a little long around the ears. I’m trying SO hard to not go for a hair cut but I know a trim is just around the corner!


Peek-a-boo, anything with wheels, snuggling (YAY!), bath time and when your Daddy gets home (me too!). There is SO much that Sam likes now that the list is endless.



Since day one, he has hated getting dressed and getting his diaper change! This is still the case! He also still HATES getting in and out of the car seat and getting his winter clothes on.

After each meal, I give Sam’s face a wipe and he HATES it!

Sam knows that he is somewhat mobile now and when he wants to play, he wants to play NOW! But he gets stuck all the time and just somehow can’t go forward!



First Santa Claus parade on December 13. Dressed for the occasion!


FIRST CHRISTMAS on December 25.

First time in a Jolly Jumper on January 2.

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It was a busy month getting everything ready for Christmas. It was the start of many fun Christmas’ and I couldn’t help but sit back to imagine what fun we are to have in future years. It is also filled with pressure too. With the baking, cooking, gift buying, gift wrapping and decorating! At times, it could be overwhelming and there were multiple times that I would ask for some appreciation. In reality, Christmas isn’t about all of those things but it’s the pressure that I put on myself to make it wonderful for my boy.

As the New Year started, it hit me….the time at home with Sam is coming to an end. It makes me sad to think about it and makes me stop and appreciate the time I am given. I’m trying really hard not to watch the clock till nap time and instead spend that time trying to make my little one giggle.


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There has been a huge shift this month in Ryan and Sam’s relationship. Sometimes, I worry that he likes him better! ha ha! He literally bounces with excitement when Ryan appears after work. It was SO nice to have Ryan with us during the holidays and for our vacation.

Ryan has taken over the bed routine (when he is home). I’ll nurse Sam but then Ryan does the bath, Pjs and story. It’s a nice break for me and good for them to continue their bonding.


I still can’t believe Sam has no teeth. I feel like he has been teething FOREVER! They have been SO close for so long but nothing yet. I hope the old wives tale is correct about the better the teeth the longer they take to come!


I am really enjoying watching his little personality shine through. For the most part, he is a pretty serious and calm little dude. But sometimes he can get into a really silly mood that is full of shenanigans and giggles! Those are becoming my favourite moments lately.


While I am SO thankful he wasn’t able to get into Christmas stuff, I was starting to worry that about Sam not being able to crawl forward yet. He can pull himself up to standing sometimes and can crawl (push himself) backwards but has NO interest in crawling. The nurse visits don’t help as they expect all babies to be doing the same thing around the same time. Thankfully, our doctor is AMAZING and can reassure a worried Mom. Sam may never crawl. He may become a butt scooter or early walker. As long as he is somewhat mobile, that’s all that matters.



My Dearest Sam,

Thank you for making this holiday so special for me. Christmas is always wonderful but you make it magical! I hope that you have some fond memories to look back on one day and I promise to try my best to teach you the real meaning of Christmas.

Little boy, you are one awesome dude! You amaze me every day with a new trick or a fun game we will play. You can make me laugh and you enjoy doing so!

It is now 2015 and that also means sometime in the next few months, our routine is going to change. We are not going to talk about that yet and instead are going to enjoy each others company while we can! We are going to make every day count.

I love you!

Love, Mommy


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  1. I think every kid must hate having their face wiped, that has always been the thing Jeanette hated the most! She also doesn't like getting dressed. We've had to go to the two piece pajama's because we have a long and lanky baby as well. They aren't super warm, but I found a sleep sack that she can pop her feet through and she seems to love it :)

  2. His teeth will come!... Piper was 10months old and got 1 tooth and no more came in until right after her first birthday. The only crappy part is that now she's not loosing her baby teeth and everyone else in her class is so she feels left out....

  3. I love that pic of Sam in his jolly jumper... he is just TOO CUTE!!!

  4. Uum did you write this ahead of time...I thought a tooth has surfaced! You are brave giving him peanut butter haha - I think Tanner had peanut butter for the first time when he was 2 haha!

  5. He's getting so old... tell him to quit! :). Such a handsome little man!!

  6. Love Sam's expression on his face in the jolly jumper. Wearing my ECE hat instead of my Minister hat, let it Children develop at their own pace, and the guidelines are just that. They are an average, some kids reach then sooner, some later. My Simon barely crawled, he walked at 10 months....just kind of got up and went one day. Cara got her first tooth, and walked, the day before her first birthday. Sam is a healthy, delightful, little boy, I would not be worried about anything to do with his development.