Friday, January 9, 2015

The Last Year of Dates of 2014–December!


Well we did, another full year of dates! I have to admit, this year was hard. It wasn’t hard actually doing the dates, it was hard to find time in our busy schedules this year! Most of the time, it wasn’t because of Sam! Work and other social commitments make having time together very hard!

Here is the last date of the year!

dec date 2014 1

dec date 2015 2

“Oh the weather outside is so delightful! Hehehehehe love snowmobiling, no no no that’s not our date babe, I know how much you love to snowmobile. We are heading to the grocery store YAY!!!!!! Lol Yeah who knew we loved to go grocery shopping. But wait, there’s more! Yes we are also going to have a lunch date. Mmmm…lunch. We are go to and eat at Santa Fe’s.

Love you always,

Your Hubby”

So, I have to admit. I kind of gave Ryan the side eye after reading this date. Ha ha. Not his most fabulously planned one. He admitted that he struggled for a December Date. We had agreed that the dates would be baby friendly in 2014 and he said it was tough thinking of a date with a baby that would be suitable with a little one in the cold. I shrugged it off anyways as I love Santa Fe’s!

The other problem with this date? December is SO busy! Ryan’s night shift makes things extra difficult as well! We did complete the date JUST in the time frame on December 31!!

We are lucky as Sam has always been an excellent little car passenger! The restaurant is about an hour away so Sam slept the whole way there. We had a couple things to pick up at the local Wal-mart before heading in for our treat!

Because of Sam’s nap, he was in a chipper mood which allowed Ryan and I to enjoy ourselves! We got to visit and talk while Sam munched away on his own food that I brought. The focus of our conversation was actually New Years and what the plan for 2015 was. We kind of talked about “resolutions” but mostly it’s things we want to accomplish in 2015.

It was New Years Eve so we had a couple drinks even though it was still only 11 AM! Smile 

dec date 2014

My plate! My favourite thing at Santa Fe’s, the sweet potato fries with the garlic dipping sauce! Yum!

dec date 2014 4

So you may be wondering if we are going to be doing dates again in 2015. To be honest, I never brought the subject up before Christmas. If it was something Ryan enjoyed and wanted to continue, I knew he would mention it. I didn’t want to push the dates if it was something he really didn’t want to do! As we were planning for Christmas, Ryan mentioned our dates and confirmed that he had already had a few planned and ready. I was so relieved. It made me realize that this was something that he actually enjoyed as well. I had already stock piled a few ideas of my own!

I’m so glad that we crossed off another year of dates! This will probably go down as one of the hardest date years but we managed to still set aside time for each other. If we had a little side kick with us, we still tried to focus conversation on “us”. We gave eachother sealed envelopes for our 2015 dates. I don’t know about Ryan, but I am SO excited about the dates that I planned! I really went out of the box with some of my dates! We agreed that a few of them would be “Sam free” where we will be away from the house and our boy, the first being in May for our anniversary (planned by me!).

Here’s to another year of (hopefully) successful dates!


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  1. I think it's awesome that you guys did this and stuck with it. It's definitely something we might have to incorporate once baby girl is here