Monday, January 12, 2015

Winter Vacation 2015


Happy Monday everyone! I hope that your weekend was wonderful! I have to be honest, my little family just got home from a 10 day getaway to the cottage in Nova Scotia! We knew we wanted to do something this winter but realized it had to be simple and low key with Sam. A simple solution was a low-key trip to spend some time relaxing at the cottage!

We actually ended up surprising my parents and family by showing up a day early! No one expected it and it was great to pull off such a big surprise! A surprise for me, my parents had picked up some of my favourite wine that I can only find in Nova Scotia. 


The family had plans to get together for supper the day we arrived and they added a couple more plates when they realized we were there. We tried to insist not to worry because we didn’t want to impose! They insisted and were so excited to see Sam again! This is my cousin dancing with my boy.


Another family member has a bunch of baby items that we are able to use every time we go to the cottage! This was Sam’s first time in a Jolly Jumper and loved it! Lived in it all week!


The big attraction to going early was getting to spend some time with my parents! It always melts my heart to see them interact with Sam. It brings me so much joy to see how much they love him (and vice versa!). When Sam went down to bed, we would stay up and play cards for a few hours! The laughs we would share during the competitive games will always be a wonderful memory of our time spent at the cottage.


I can’t say that our stay was overly restful! Our boy was teething badly and he was really feeling the pain at night! Look at his poor checks!


The teething pain didn’t stop him from eating! His favorite was the Nova Scotia “brown” bread that a cousin had made!


I also got to meet up at this awesome “Mommy” Cafe! It offers play space for kids and relaxing spots to sip on some coffee! Sam and I went to meet his newest little cousin, Lily.


I had never been out east in the winter and it was amazing to see the change in the weather! One day it would be snowing and the next it was rain! The water by the cottage was amazing to watch from day to day at the cottage window! We ventured down one day to get a closer look! Somehow, the view was just as beautiful during the winter as it was in summer!



The plan was for Ryan, Sam and I to have a few extra days at the cottage by ourselves but the family was rocked with the sudden death of a relative. My parents obviously cancelled their flight to be there. While the news was so sad, we were glad to have been there to be with the family during the difficult time.

Sam loved his kitchen sink baths he got to have during our stay!


The morning before we left, many cousins came over to say goodbye! It’s amazing to me that this part of the family I barely knew until a couple years ago. Now, they are an important part of my life. I look forward to Sam getting to grow up with this part of the family in his life.


We were sad to leave to cottage to come home on Saturday but ready to get back into routine. Oddly enough, the only seafood during our whole stay was at the airport! Seafood chowder, yum!


We were all exhausted when we got back home and back to reality. We were glad to have the rest of the weekend to catch up and get back on schedule.


It’s amazing to think that this time last year we were down South enjoying the beach and cold drinks. This years vacation is FAR more low key but somehow, just as enjoyable. We love visiting and staying in Nova Scotia and look forward to the next visit!



  1. So glad you guys were able to get away and spend time with your family! Nothing better than that :)

  2. I adore Nova Scotia. I was there, in Halifax, for the weekend. Reg and I had a wonderful time at a friend's Ordination, touring around Halifax, and eating at our favourite places. Glad you had a great family time together. I am sure your Eastern relatives feel blessed by the reconnection of your families.

  3. Sounds like a fun trip away!! Looks so pretty there!! Poor little guy with the teething! Noah is getting top teeth right now that coming down and going back up... So hard on him!! Motrin is our new friend! Haha.

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  5. Looks like fun! I can't believe that was Sam's first time ever in a Jolly Jumper! Rylie loves hers too. Also, that Yellowtail wine is also one of my faves - you can find it at most LCBOs in Ottawa :)
    That seafood chowder looks soooo yummy!!

  6. Looks like a great winter get-away for the whole family! I love Yellowtail and Barefoot, my two sort of cheap go-to wines!