Monday, January 26, 2015

Someone Is On The Move!


Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you had a great weekend! My weekend had one main theme: Sam is on the move!

For the longest time I was surprised that Sam wasn’t crawling yet! He hated being on his belly and would be much happier to sit with toys around him. All the sudden Sam surprised us on Friday but starting this little crab crawling. It is his own unique crawl and it gets him going forward!

For the majority of the weekend Sam went exploring and I followed him around in my un-baby proofed house!

jan 26 1

Friday night Sam was exhausted by all his new crawling fun! Ryan left that night for hockey and a weekend away so I started my weekend by controlling the TV remote. Exciting stuff!

Saturday morning Sam and I were up early and off to breakfast with friends where we visited and talked 10 year high school reunion! I can’t believe its been 10 years already!

I dropped Sam off with my parents on my way back home for a few hours as I was attending a cooking class. Sharon was hosting it in her home and by the end of the afternoon I had 10 new recipes prepped and ready for my freezer! I am SO excited to have some meals all ready to go for when days get busier when I go back to work! I am hoping we love the recipes and I can make the meals again!

When I got to my parents house Sam was just waking up so I fed him his supper there! Grandpa gave Sam some dessert and his first taste of chocolate pudding!

jan 26 3

We got home and Sam headed to bed and I got into some comfy clothes as Jill came over for a little movie night! Jill always has the best movie selection and she brought two movies over to choose from. Frozen or Steel Magnolia…my choice…


I had never seen Frozen and wanted to know what all the hype was about! It was SOO good! I loved it and for the rest of the weekend the songs were stuck in my head! Ha ha!

By Sunday morning my little man was getting around SO quickly. It’s amazing how fast he caught on! We went to church, had breakfast/lunch with my parents and just had fun!

jan 26 4

jan 26 2

Again, I really have to work on baby proofing! haha!

It was a great weekend with my boy! I love hanging out with this little guy and I love watching him grow and change!

jan 26 5

How was your weekend?



  1. I felt the same way when Jeanette finally figured out how to crawl! Her favorite place to go was over to our front screen door and look out the window, it was hours of entertainment for her! I found the baby safety isle or department on Babies R Us online to be very helpful! We have a split level house so I needed a few gates.

  2. Noah is still figuring out the crawling thing!! Soo close! But he does love to walk! Haha! Frozen was Noah's first Disney movie! He loved it! I actually enjoyed it too!!

  3. That's a huge milestone! Congrats, Sam!