Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Clothing Diapering - Where Are We At? - Part 1

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope that your week is swimmingly going by! There is a heat wave here and while others are usually complaining about it, I can't help but quietly enjoy it. I sit in an AC office all day that feels like a meat cooler. When it is REALLY warm, the AC doesn't even help 100% and it warms up a little in the office. Its just very comfortable. 

I was hanging some laundry on the line over the weekend and realized I never shared with all of you where we are with our cloth diapers, over 1 year later. 

When I first purchased our cloth diapers, I was blaming the impulse buy on pregnancy hormones. No one in my family or close circle of friends used cloth diapers. I really had no idea what I was doing and I had no idea how to use or clean them. 

I searched the internet for tips and tricks and before Sam arrived, I felt pretty prepared. I gave us about 6 weeks to get use to life with a baby before introducing cloth diapers into our daily routine. 

I haven't looked back since! For a full year at home, we used cloth diapers. I loved the ease of them. They were really not that complicated at all and poop is gross no matter what kind of diaper you use! I loved heading to a grocery store and not having to buy the expensive packs of diapers every trip. Sam was wearing cloth all day and then 1 disposable diaper at night. 

Then the day came for daycare. We were having a hard time finding a daycare that when we finally found "the one", we were too worried about scaring her away with the mention of cloth diapers. Sam wears disposable diapers now at daycare during the week (and during the nights) and is in cloth while at home on the weekends. We are o.k with that and I am just shocked and happy that we did a year of cloth diapering. 

Did I save any money buy cloth diapering my baby for a year? No, probably not but I know that if Ryan and I are blessed one day with another baby, that the savings will be huge if we use cloth for that child. What I love (and still love) about cloth is ease of them! I never worry about being out of diapers at home and I do feel like I am making a good environmental decision as well. Not to mention we don't have smelly diaper filled garbage bags every week! 

After using cloth for over a year I have figured out what works best for our family as far as the laundry goes. Usually I put the diapers on the night before since it is a 2 hour wash cycle. My eco-washer requires the extra time so that there is enough water. I use the heavy duty with an extra rinse cycle. I used to use the Rockin' Green laundry detergent but then I noticed it doesn't remove the smell 100%, so I started adding the tiniest amount of regular tide detergent. It works great and I have yet to have to strip my diapers yet. In the summer the diapers go outside to hang dry because the sun is an amazing bleach and in the winter it's on a hanging rack in our laundry room. 

 When everything is dry I bring the basket with me in front of a T.V and stuff away! Pre-stuffing your diapers before storing them is key to ease of use! I couldn't handle trying to stuff my diapers while dealing with a wiggly kiddo on the change pad! 

I have some cloth diapers that I LOVE and some that I HATE but they all really do work! But more on that on Friday..:) 

Happy Wednesday! 


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