Monday, July 27, 2015

Home Dates, July Date and Mama and Sam

Happy Monday everyone. I know that most people hate Mondays. In a way, I do as well. But to be honest, I spend a lot of my time on Sundays now preparing for the week ahead that I almost feel ready for the work week to begin! Suppers are pre-made, lunches made, laundry all done and everything set out for the morning. It's going to be an especially busy work week and I wanted to be prepared at home as best as I could. 

The weekend was awesome! I feel refreshed and sort of rested. Friday afternoon the gang from the farm loaded up onto a bus to head out for an afternoon of fun on the golf course. They have a round of golf, supper, prizes, drinks and music. Last year Sam and I joined them for supper but this year with daycare/bed time, I opted out and instead spent a quiet night at home with Sam. 

Bedtime snuggles, my favorite time of day with Sam! He is so cuddly lately. 

Saturday morning I purposely set my alarm at 5:30 (hour later than normal) just so that I could get up, get ready for the day and have a coffee while I read the local newspaper on the front porch. This has become my Saturday morning routine. I love that slow time to reflect and just relax. By the time Sam and Ryan started to stir, I was ready. When the boys were up and ready, we loaded up and headed out for a quick breakfast! 

We desperately needed groceries and I never got a chance to get them during the week. We got to store just as it was opening which is my favorite time of day to shop! I love having the store to ourselves! Sam was getting grumpy because it was naptime just as we were leaving and then had an awesome car nap on our way home. 

We relaxed at home for the afternoon. I made the Golden Oreo Cheesecake bars like I mentioned. I brought some to a 50th birthday party. While they were delicious, I doubt I will be making them again anytime soon. There are A LOT of steps to this recipe. Too many and at this season of my life with a little one, I don't want to a recipe that is going to take hours to complete. 

We left the birthday party just as it started to rain to come home and give Sam supper and get ready for bed. While Ryan got Sam ready for bed, I got our special meal ready for our little "date" at home. We were trying the sticky chicken fingers  to have while we watched a Netflix movie. Well while mine didn't look as pretty as the ones on Pinterest, they were SO GOOD! We both went back for seconds and both agreed that these will become a weekend treat for us and begin to make them for frequently! They were spicy and sweet and creamy! Yum! A must try! 

Sam felt the same way about the thunder and lightening as I did! 

Sunday morning we relaxed and then eventually loaded up the car to do our July date! But more on that another time! 

Sam's newest thing is actually smiling for the camera! We tell him to say "cheese" and he does!

Sunday afternoon Sam napped and so did I after getting some meals made! Nothing better than a Sunday afternoon nap! Sam woke up and we headed out to enjoy the rest of the afternoon with water table fun and car drives! I love sitting back and watching Sam and Ryan together. Sometimes I feel like I could just bust from being so happy. 

After supper we went for a little walk and Sam discovered his shadow! It was hilarious to see him laughing at himself and giving "him" peace! 

While I know I am looking forward to the Fall, I am trying my best to appreciate the ease that comes with Summer. The time we spent outside, not having to dress Sam in layers and long nights! I really do appreciate Summer for the outdoor fun we get to have! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. He's starting to look so much like Ryan now!! It's crazy how fast they change!


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  3. What a great weekend you had! What time does Sam get up in the morning? I'm going to have to check out that chicken recipe...we are always up for trying new recipes!