Friday, July 24, 2015

Things That Make Me Go "Woo Hoo"!

Can I get a "WOO HOO" for Friday? This was one weird week. Seriously, was it a full moon? It seemed that everything that could go wrong, did this week. I have been happily ending every night by sitting in silence and enjoying a glass of wine! Doesn't that sound like an alcoholic in the making? Yikes!

But as a friend always says to me, think positively! So that's what I am going to do! Because there are SO many great things that are in my life. Of course there are the big things; roof over my head, healthy family, food in the cupboards. But then there are some every day small things that I just love!

1- Netflix. Does a weekend go by that I don't mention Netflix somewhere in my post? Netflix has changed the way we have watched TV. So much that we have actually talked about getting rid of our regular TV! Honestly, if we had better internet were we could stream sports and other TV favorites, we would. In the mean time we always have the chance to have a movie night! One of my favorite weekly things is to go onto this website and see the newest releases! "My list" is ever growing with shows and movies that I want to watch!

2- A king sized bed. When I first took possession of my house, one of the first things I spent money on was a "big girl" bedroom set. It took me a long time to decided what style I wanted but one thing was for sure, I was getting a king size! Many years later and I am so thankful for that decision I made that day! I need my space when I sleep and nothing makes my heart more happy than bringing Sam into bed with us when he is still sleepy in the mornings for cuddles. I am sure our king sized bed will feel much smaller as our family grows.

3- Summer sales!! EVERY store seems to have their stores clearance at 50% off! It's been great for ordering Sam some stuff for his future wardrobe. I actually don't care if there are sharks and surfboards on his fall PJ's, as long as they fit and are warm! I've been really good at taking inventory of Sam's clothes and figuring out what he needs. I've discovered that I HATE it when he has too many clothes! They are harder to organize and keep clean. This Momma also saw this shirt early in the Spring but wasn't willing to spend the $30. At 50% off? Yup! Something in the cart for me too! So glad I waited until I could get it at a discount.
Embroidered Peasant Blouse
4- New recipes! I asked Ryan the other day what his most favorite meal was on our meal plan. Smart husband that he is, he said that he couldn't choose just one! He loved so many of them. If it were up to Ryan our meal plan would NEVER change and we would never try any recipes! But I need a little flavor in my life and switch things up! I love to try new recipes and see if there is something that can be added to our meal plan. The only problem with that, our meal plan is pretty set and there isn't a lot of opportunity to try to recipes! This weekend we'll have some time at home and I decided that TWO recipes will be attempted! I hope they are as delicious as they look! :) 

5- Usually, Sam cries his HEAD off when I go to pick him up from daycare. It's like he just doesn't want to leave and I'm ruining his life for taking him away from the play. This week, he has been excited for me to pick him up and coming to my arms! I still don't think he is ecstatic to leave his friends and the play but he doesn't push away from me and cry anymore. It's been a welcomed change! Woo Hoo!

Have a great weekend! WOO HOO! 



  1. Yeah we love Netflix too. We got rid of TV for a good 7 months but we had ShomiTV (through Rogers) so Casey could get the GameCentral package with it and it was combined with our Internet. We went back to regular TV (lowest priced package though) with unlimited Internet and we still have Netflix and CraveTV (also has amazing shows on it!!) I think we're gonna upgrade soon to a King...the Queen is alright but I need more room when I sleep :)

  2. We have a king sized bed as well and love it! Sleeping in a queen when we go away seems so small now! And I love deals...I need to buy Amelia bigger sized clothes but not sure what size to get