Friday, July 31, 2015

My Favorite Cloth Diapering Products

Happy Friday everyone! Woo-Hoo for the weekend! 

On Wednesday I continued to talk to you about our cloth diapering experience and how we are KIND OF still using them and loving them. 

When I first started researching cloth diapers I was shocked and overwhelmed by the selection! WOW! There are so many brands and makes. Pockets, all-in-ones, Velcro, covered...the list went on and on! I began my research by using blogs! Other moms who gave honest opinions on what brands they liked better and why! I REFUSED to read a post sponsored by a brand that gave a blog mom free diapers. I wanted a very open and honest opinion. 

One of the best pieces of advice I got was to not get all one kind. Don't be married to one particular brand. And I am so glad that I did that. I got 3 different brands and I have definitely over the last year figured out what was my favorites. 

Since I relied on blogs for my research, it only made sense that I give my own opinion now to help out any future cloth diapering Momma's. 

First up, my LEAST favorite diapers... 

I have two types of bum genius diapers. Pocket diapers with buttons and pocket and all-in-one diapers with Velcro. I had read a lot of bad reviews about the Velcro but I opted to get a few because I figured the ease of them would help with getting Ryan on board. I was right, he usually grabs a Velcro diaper before any others. But I hate the Velcro! The all-in-ones take FOREVER to dry and the Velcro is already starting to wear out and may not last for the next baby. The tabs have a little spot to hold the velcro during the wash and it always lets go and stuff gets stuck to them. They are just overall not nice! 

The next one my least favorite list is the Fuzzibuns pocket diapers. I had read a few reviews about these and a lot of people LOVE them. I am not one of the people. I find the liner inside the diaper very hard to slip the insert in. It's almost as if it is sticky. In order to make the diaper bigger or smaller, you have to take them and flip the diaper inside out and move tiny elastics. The whole thing takes quite some time and is a pain in the butt. I like the fact that you can just throw the outside of the diapers in the dryer if you want but I usually hang them outside anyways. 

Next up, in second place is the bum genius pocket diapers with buttons! The insert is easy to slide in, you adjust the size fast during a diaper changes by outside buttons and they overall just fit nicely. The only reason this one does not come in first place is because of the insert. After a year the insert has gotten really shabby. It's not as absorbent and just hasn't held up as nicely as the first place diapers. 

Finally, in first place my absolutely favorite diapers....

The Blueberry pocket diapers with buttons!! I LOVE these diapers. One of the main reasons I bought these is because of the fun print. I got the gender neutral cow pattern and giraffe pattern. As time went on I realized more and more that I grab them first! They fit really nice (although a little fluffier than the others) and the absorbency is the best! They wash great and are super easy to stuff. If I ever need to buy a couple of extras this will be the brand that I go with! 

Some other essentials I bought and have held up great are TWO large wet bags! These are the bags that I put the diapers in after I change Sam. One hangs in his room. When it is full I take the whole thing and the wet bag and diapers go right in the wash. I got two of them because sometimes a wash isn't done by the time its time for the next diaper change. 

I also got TWO small wet bags. When we are out these little bags are awesome! They hold any liquid or smell and again you just throw it right in the wash when you have to do your diaper laundry. 

At the time I also got a bunch of cloth wipes but realized really quickly I hated them for bum changes! So instead, I use regular wipes and just throw the wipes in the trash. I do LOVE my cloth wipes though because they are super soft and were great for little burp clothes and as a nose wiper! I throw these wipes in the wash with Sam's clothing laundry and they are ready again for the next sniffle! 

I have about 20 diapers in total and that gives me LOTS so that I only have to do a load of laundry every 2-3 days. I honestly don't even notice the extra load now. It's just one of those things I excepted. 

And there is my cloth diapering stash! I am SO glad that on a whim I decided to go with cloth diapers. I really do love them. They don't bring any extra stress to our life they actually just became a part of our everyday parenting life. 

Have a great weekend! 


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